Local Resources

Local Resources

Discover and learn about helpful tools in Queensbridge and around the city.

Orange gears above the word Work


Job search, employment counseling, and employment services.
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Blue computer above the word Digital


Computer classes, internet classes, internet safety, computer labs, and device loans.
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Orange notepad and pencil above the word Education


Classes on health, language, and more for all ages; college prep; and educational tools for parents or guardians and children.
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people above the words Healthy Community

Healthy Community

Recreation, sports, health and wellbeing, mediation, youth programs, and community services.
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Blue subway train above the word Transportation


Transportation guides, apps, programs, and deals.
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Orange houses above the word Resident


Resident association, resident boards, and NYCHA tools and social media channels.
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Blue dollar bills and coins above the word Finance


Managing and saving money, financial help, and economic empowerment.
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