Community Boards are local representative bodies. There are 59 throughout the City. Each board consists of up to 50 nonsalaried members appointed by the Borough President, with half nominated by the City Council members who represent the community district. Board Members are selected by the Borough Presidents from among active, involved people of each community, with an effort made to assure that every neighborhood is represented. Board Members must reside, work, or have some other significant interest in the community.

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Community Boards meet once each month. At these meetings, members address items of concern to the community. Board meetings are open to the public, and a portion of each meeting is reserved for the board to hear from members of the public. In addition, boards regularly conduct public hearings - on the City's budget, on land use matters, and other major issues - to give the people of the community the opportunity to express their opinions.


Board committees do most of the planning and work on the issues that are acted on at Board meetings. Each Board establishes the committee structure and procedures it feels will best meet the needs of its district. Non-Board Members may apply to join or work on board committees.