Parks & Sitting Areas

Parks & Sitting Areas

P.S. 154 Playground

75th Avenue, between 160th Street & 162nd Street

P.S. 164 Playground

137th Street and 77th Avenue

P.S. 165 Playground (Vleigh)

70th Road to 71st Avenue, 150th Street to Kissena Boulevard

P.S. 200 Playground

164th Street, between Jewel Avenue and 71st Avenue

P.S. 201 Playground (Pomonok Houses)

Kissena Boulevard and 65th Avenue

P.S. 26 Playground

73rd Avenue, between 195th Street and 196th Place

P.S. 173 Playground (Fresh Meadows)

67th Avenue and 173rd Street

P.S. 179 Playground (Peck)

Horace Harding Boulevard, between Francis Lewis Boulevard & Peck Avenue

JHS 217 Playground (Van Wyck)

148th Street and 85th Avenue

JHS 218 Playground (Cedar Grove)

Main Street and Gravett Road

Abe Wolfson Triangle- Green Street

Kissena Boulevard and 72nd Avenue

Albert Mauro Playground

Westside of Park Drive East, between Union Turnpike and 72nd Avenue

Bernard Tepper Triangle-Green Street

East-bound service Road, between GCP and West side Homelawn Street

Cunningham Park

Horace Harding Expressway, between G.C.P. and Francis Lewis Boulevard

Cunningham Park

Picnic Comfort Station

Holy Cow Park Playground (Cunningham Park)

East side of 199 Street, between 64th Avenue and 67th Avenue

Captain Tilly Memorial Park

Highland Avenue, between 165th Street, Gothic Parkway and 85th Avenue

Electchester Playground

Westside 164th Street, South side of 65th Avenue

Flushing Meadow Corona Park

Grand Central Parkway, Van Wyck Expressway

Freedom Square Park

Vleigh Place, Westside Main Street and 73rd Terrace

Fresh Meadow Park

Horace Harding Blvd., between 188th Street and 190th Street

Haym Soloman Square

72nd Road, between Vleigh Place and Eastside Main Street

Hoover Park/ Manton Plgd

Van Wyck Expressway, between Main Street, Manton Street, and 83rd Avenue

Joe Austin Playground

G.C.P., between 164th Place and 168th Street

McLaughlin Park

East bound GCP, between Francis Lewis Boulevard and McLaughlin Avenue

Midland Parkway

Hillside Avenue to Surrey Place

Utopia Playground

73rd Avenue, between Jewel Avenue and Utopia Parkway

Vleigh Place Park

Vleigh Place, between 141st Street and Union Turnpike

Kissena Corridor Playground

Peck & Underhill Avenues, Union Turnpike, Horace Harding Expressway

Pomonok Whitehall Terrace

W/S Clearview Expressway at Whitehall Terrace


Henley Road, Charlecote Ridge

Mall Seventy-Five

75 Avenue, 188 to 199 Streets

Mall Sixty-Nine

69 Avenue, 188 to 199 Streets

Veterans Square (Hillcrest)

Union Turnpike & 162 Street


Santiago Street, Palo Alto Ave, Palo Alto Street


Palermo Street, Salerno Avenue


Henley Road, Devonshire Road


Wexford Terrace, Kingston Place


Epsom Course & Grand Central Pkwy Service Road


Horace Harding Expressway & 64th Avenue & 174th Street


Union Turnpike, Surrey Place, 179th Street


86th Road, Bell Boulevard, 86th Avenue

Greenstreet (Briarwood Promenade)

Queens Boulevard, between 84th Drive and 87th Avenue