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"Talley Ho" Estate Sale Finale

Elephant Statue
Table and Chairs

Friday, July 7th 10am to 9pm and Saturday, July 8th 10am to 3pm
340 Lighthouse Avenue (Lighthouse Hill next to the Tibetan Museum)

Items to be Auctioned

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By order of the Public Administrator Anthony Catalano, contents of the house located at 340 Lighthouse Ave., S.I.N.Y. and other smaller Estates need to be liquidated!

The owner of this Estate was a man who lived the good life. His passions included horses, fine wines & cigars. He owned Race Horses, was a Trainer/Groomer & had an enormous collection of anything that has to do with Horses. Some of the Horse Tack includes: gorgeous English Leather Saddles, Saddle Pads, Bridles, Grooming Brushes, Horseshoes & Spurs, Horse Blankets, Crops & Whips, Stirrup Irons, Leathers & Girths, Snaffle Bits, Cribbing & Muzzles, lots of Dressage including: Riding Boots, Jockey Silks, Riding Coats & Jackets, Breeches, Helmets & every possible accessory (x 20), there are Books, Magazines, Programs, Paintings, Prints & Photos.

He also collected High End Electronics including: Amplifiers, Tuners, Turntables, Earphones & other unusual Audio Equipment.

There are Dressers, End Tables, a Dining Room Table w/(6) Chairs, an Upright Piano, Exercise Equipment, Leather & Wood Headboards, Desks, Fireplace Tools & Andirons, a Freezer, Lithographs, Paintings, Prints & other Wall Art, some vintage African Masks, Tibetan & Turkish Area Rugs & Runners, Mirrors, Lamps & other Lighting, Record LP's & CD's, Sheet Music, lots of Office Supplies, unique Home Décor, Cameras & Accessories, vintage Black & White Photos & some Ephemera, beautiful Outdoor Statuary, heavy Vintage Cast Iron & Cement Benches, Teak Chairs, bags of Charcoal Briquettes, lots of Kitchen & Household Bric-a-Brac, Glassware, Stemware, Crystal, Silver Plate, Copperware & some Military, an obscene amount of Sterling & Costume Jewelry, Vintage Bikes, Vintage P & G Soap & Wooden Boxes, some Books & lots of other interesting Bric-a-Brac. Way to much too list!!!

There is a Wine Cellar with over 500 Bottles of Fine Wines & some Liquors. Most of the Wines are Rare and not available anywhere. Everything is priced accordingly.

Also at this estate is a Cigar Room filled with an assortment of Fine Cigars, also priced accordingly.

The Garage is filled with tons of Power Tools, Hand Tools, Hardware, Roofing Shingles & Gardening Tools & Bric-a-Brac ........BUT WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE OR OPENED UNTIL SATURDAY!!!!

We ask that you be patient and courteous as there will only be (5) people allowed in at one time. Anymore would be an uncomfortable experience. We realize that there are other sales that you can be going to, and appreciate your standing on line to attend our sales. Thank you!

Only (2) people will be allowed in the Wine & Cigar Room at a time!