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The agency hosts rotating exhibits. Past exhibits include "Women Make History," "In the Shadow of the Highway: Robert Moses and the Battle for Downtown," and "Little Syria". View treasures from the archives and learn about the history of New York City.

DORIS offers programs, tours and activities related to our holdings. Students can work directly with primary sources to build a greater understanding of research and history.

Please visit Archives.NYC to view digital galleries and a sampling of our past exhibitions.

Upcoming Events
Note: If you require an auxiliary aid or service in order to attend a DORIS event, please contact our Disability Service Facilitator.

Note: To  request language interpretation services, please contact the Language Access Coordinator at least three (3) business days before an event.

The Lung Block: A New York City Slum & Its Forgotten Italian Immigrant Community
April 26 - August, 2019
31 Chambers Street, First Floor Gallery, NYC 10007

In 1933, a lively Italian immigrant enclave on the Lower East Side was wiped from the map. Although indistinguishable from the rest of the Lower East Side in many ways, this particular block existed under the shadow of a sinister narrative: death was embedded in the very walls of each building. According to the wealthy white Progressive reformers, this Lung Block – a generic term for a place where tuberculosis proliferated – represented a threat not just to its poor immigrant residents, but to the city at large.

Explore the history of immigrant housing and reform efforts in NYC at the start of the 20th century through one community.

Thomas F. Comiskey Presents: The Untold History of The East Village Mafia
Thursday, August 29; 6 - 8 p.m.
31 Chambers Street (Reading Room), New York, NY 10007


Join attorney and mob historian Thomas F. Comiskey for a discussion of his most recent literary project - The East Village Mafia - and learn about the relationship between mafia bosses and one of the most diverse and emblematic neighborhoods in New York City.

Please bring questions for the Q&A session and books will be available for purchase.


EXHIBIT OPENING - The Language of the City: Immigrant Voices
Thursday, September 12; 6 - 8 p.m.
31 Chambers Street (First Floor Gallery), New York, NY 10007


Join us for the opening of our new exhibit, "The Language of the City: Immigrant Voices," a celebration of NYC's rich history of diversity. Since the Dutch first colonized what is now New York City, this urban seaport has become home to millions of people who started their lives somewhere else. This exhibit gives a voice to the immigrants who have become the focus of so many speeches, demonstrations and discussions, while exploring the multi-layered history of an immigrant city.

Enjoy this multimedia exhibition based on immigrant oral histories from The Brooklyn College Listening Project, alongside historical photos, audiovisual recordings, and other material from the collections of the Municipal Archives and Library.


Author's Talk - Immigrants and the Making of New York
Thursday, September 19; 6 - 8 p.m.
31 Chambers Street (Lobby), New York, NY 10007


Don't miss scholars David M. Reimers and Robert W. Snyder discussing their bestseller, All the Nations under Heaven. This book has earned praise and a wide readership for its unparalleled chronicle of the role of immigrants and migrants in shaping the history and culture of New York City. The updated edition of the original text published in 1996 brings the story of the immigrant experience in New York City up to the present with vital new material on the city’s revival as a global metropolis with deeply rooted racial and economic inequalities.


Municipal Library Monthly Book Club

Time and Again
by Jack Finney
Wednesday, September 11th - 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
31 Chambers Street (Suite 112), New York, NY 10007

Advertising artist Si Morley seizes the opportunity to travel back in time to New York City in 1882 as part of a government project.  However, he does not count on falling in love in the 19th century. Please note date change to second Wednesday of September.














Exhibits & Education