The Municipal Archives provides certified historical birth, death, and marriage records for the five boroughs of New York City. If you require a certificate for legal purposes, you must select "I need a Letter of Exemplification" on the order form, and the record must be mailed.

Birth Records

  • Manhattan: July 1847-1848, July 1853-1909
  • Brooklyn: 1866-1909
  • Bronx: 1898-1909
  • Queens: 1898-1909
  • Staten Island: 1898-1909


For birth records after 1909, contact the NYC Department of Health

Death Records

  • Manhattan: 1795, 1802-1804, 1808, 1812-1948
  • Brooklyn: 1847-1853, 1857-1948
  • Bronx: 1898-1948
  • Queens: 1898-1948
  • Staten Island: 1898-1948


For death records after 1948, contact the NYC Department of Health.

Marriage Records

  • Manhattan: July 1847-1848, July 1853-1949
  • Brooklyn: 1866-1949
  • Bronx: 1898-1949
  • Queens: 1898-1949
  • Staten Island: 1898-1949


For marriage records after 1949, contact the NYC City Clerk’s Office.

If you cannot use the webform, use this order form to mail in an order for Vital Records. Please note that the turnaround time for mail orders is longer than for orders placed online.

Genealogical Resources

Indexes of our vital records can be searched courtesy of local genealogy groups including the German Genealogy Group and Italian Genealogical Group, and Note: The Ancestry site links all the names listed on a vital record to one certificate number. Please be sure the certificate number you provide corresponds with the individual for which you require an official record of death or birth.  

In addition to Vital Records, our genealogical resources include census records, city directories, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner records, the New Amsterdam Collection (1647-1862), Old Town records, Bodies in Transit registers (1859-1894), Almshouse ledgers (1758-1952), and Common Council and court records. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.