You can purchase prints or certified copies of most items at the Municipal Archives. If you have questions about copyright or wish to use items for any commercial purpose, review our Terms and Conditions.

Vital Records

Vital Records include birth records, death records, and marriage licenses and certificates. We provide certified copies of records via email or the USPS. Please allow 8-12 weeks for order fulfillment. Learn more about our genealogy holdings

Please provide as much information as possible for us to fulfill your request. You can search complete indexes online through our partnership with Ancestry.com.

Having trouble? Email familyhistory@records.nyc.gov with your order details and we will help you.

If you require a certificate for legal purposes, you must select "I need a Letter of Exemplification" on the order form, and the record must be mailed. 

Note: The Ancestry site links all the names listed on a vital record to one certificate number. Please be sure the certificate number you provide corresponds with the individual for which you require an official record of death or birth. 

If you cannot use the webform, use this order form to mail in an order for Vital Records. Please note that the turnaround time for mail orders is longer than for orders placed online.

Collection Prints

You can buy high quality prints through our Digital Collections website. Images are produced using fade-resistant archival inkjet printers on a heavyweight luster paper. If an item is available for purchase, you will see a “Buy Print” button in the upper right corner. Please allow 3-5 weeks for order fulfillment.

Tax Photos  

  • Tax photos are photos of individual buildings taken by block and lot number. Complete sets were created by the Department of Finance in 1940 and 1980.  
  • Please provide as much information as possible for us to fulfill your request promptly. To order, find the block and lot number through this citywide map
  • Having trouble? Email photounit@records.nyc.gov with your order details and we will help you.

Order Tax Photos

Other Highlights

Digital Collections

Need Something Else?

Not all of our colletions are digitized. If you need other items, such as property cards or blueprint drawings, please contact us at research@records.nyc.gov.