Publications & Reports

The following reports cover various topics related to businesses, careers, and neighborhoods in New York City.

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Smiling female holding an open sign in front of a storefront with name of report at bottom Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Leasing in New York City
This guide provides basic tips for business owners to consider before signing a commercial lease in New York City. Topics include: space needs, construction, working with professionals, reviewing key terms, and selecting a location.
la Guía Completa de Arrendamiento Comercial en la Ciudad de Nueva York
Cover image for Advancing Black Entrepreneurs in NYC briefing paper
This briefing paper describes the current state of Black entrepreneurs in NYC, as well as our plan to understand and address these challenges after conducting outreach and research.
Building Your Business in New York City: A Guide for Immigrant Entrepreneurs
This guide offers step-by-step advice for immigrant entrepreneurs planning, launching, or growing a small business. Topics include: signing a commercial lease, navigating government, and understanding the rights of immigrant New Yorkers. Developed by SBS in partnership with Citi Community Development, the guide is available in seven languages:
Working Together: A Report on the Fourth Year of the Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative
This report highlights the accomplishments of the Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative, which helps New Yorkers to build and own businesses together, and gain access to upward mobility and better working conditions.
NYC Business Improvement District Trends Report: Fiscal Year 2019
Each year, we compile a report on the revenues, expenses, and impacts of NYC's Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). This information is collected to monitor and communicate the impacts of BIDs across the City, as well as share the information with the BID community to better inform their decision making.
Storefront Improvements: A Guide for Neighborhood Commercial Districts
This guide to storefront improvements will help you understand the parts of a traditional storefront — the sign, awning, lighting, display window, and security devices — and make good design decisions. It also includes an overview of some costs and regulations related to storefronts and guidance to start a storefront improvement program in your neighborhood.
Prosper: A Guide for Minority and/or Women-owned Business Enterprises
A resource booklet highlighting M/WBE programs and services, success stories, best practices for working with City agencies, and more.
Unlocking Potential: Empowering New York City's Immigrant Entrepreneurs
A look at immigrant entrepreneurs in New York City, the de Blasio administration's commitment to supporting immigrant New Yorkers, and specific programs and initiatives designed to strengthen immigrant communities.
Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs in New York City
Commissioned by SBS and funded by Citi Community Development, this research report engaged more than 1,500 women business owners through an online survey, focus groups, community forums, and in-person conversations to uncover the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing women business owners in New York City today.
Small Business First
A comprehensive plan to reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses in New York City.
Learn more about Small Business First.
A Roadmap for Supporting Veteran-Owned Businesses
A look at veteran-owned businesses in NYC, and how the City can help strengthen these businesses and better prepare them for City contracting opportunities.
2017 Small Business Progress Report cover with photo of commercial corridor and copy from the report
This report highlights Mayor Bill de Blasio's record championing the needs of small businesses. Through the leadership of SBS and its partners, the City has reduced fines by 40%, cut red tape, provided new legal assistance, and helped level the playing field for minority, women and foreign-born business owners.
Career Pathways
A vision for transforming the City's workforce programs to reduce the emphasis on basic "rapid attachment" job placement employment services and increase efforts that support long-term employment and career building.
Food Business Pathways: A Pathway to Business Ownership for Public Housing Residents
This white paper outlines the achievements of Food Business Pathways, a business accelerator program launched in 2015 by SBS, the NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC), and the NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA).

Commercial District Needs Assessments

The Commercial District Needs Assessment (CDNA) highlights the existing business landscape, consumer characteristics, physical environment, and unique character of the commercial corridors and local businesses that make up the identity of each neighborhood.

City of New York M/WBE Program Compliance Reports

Pursuant to New York City Administrative Code 6-129(l)1, the following reports have been submitted to the NYC Council Speaker:

Fiscal Year 2020 M/WBE Reports

Fiscal Year 2019 M/WBE Reports

Fiscal Year 2018 M/WBE Reports

Fiscal Year 2017 M/WBE Reports

Fiscal Year 2016 M/WBE Reports

Fiscal Year 2015 M/WBE Reports

Fiscal Year 2014 M/WBE Reports


City of New York Mayoral Agency M/WBE Utilization Plans

Local Law 1 provides that each mayoral agency which has made eligible procurements in excess of five million dollars during the preceding fiscal year is required to develop and submit an Agency Utilization Plan outlining its plan for M/WBE utilization. Based on Fiscal Year 2018 procurement data, 18 mayoral agencies were required to submit Fiscal Year 2019 Agency Utilization Plans to the Department of Small Business Services (DSBS). Pursuant to New York City Administrative Code 6-129(g)1, the following document has been submitted to the NYC Council Speaker:

Report on Contractor Diversity and Inclusion Plans

Pursuant to Local Law 44 of 2016, the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) created and distributed a voluntary online survey to proposed city goods and services contractors and subcontractors.


Annual Report on Satisfaction of M/WBE Goals by Recipients of Economic Development Benefits

Pursuant to Local Law 109 of 2017, the NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) must submit an annual report regarding the satisfaction of minority- and women-owned business enterprises goals by recipients of economic development benefits to the NYC Department of Small Business Services.

State of Small Businesses Survey Results

Pursuant to Local Laws 209 and 210 of 2017, the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) created and distributed a voluntary online survey to small businesses in NYC. This report summarizes key findings from the survey results.