Black Entrepreneurs NYC (BE NYC)

BE NYC - Advancing Black Entrepreneurship

The City of New York is working to build a stronger and fairer city by creating opportunity for all, safeguarding the American dream, and addressing the racial wealth gap.

Through Black Entrepreneurs NYC (BE NYC), we're working together with entrepreneurs at all business stages, community organizations, advocates, and leaders, to co-design and tailor programs to help Black entrepreneurs start and grow thriving businesses across the five boroughs.

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Thank you to the more than 1,500 Black entrepreneurs, community leaders, and advocates who let us know what they need to start or grow their business in NYC. We're sorting through all the data, and will announce our findings, recommendations, and begin to launch programs in 2020.

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Our plan

Partnerships: Learn from advocates, service providers, and community leaders, and work together to reach diverse voices

Community Conversations: Lead workshops across the city to hear directly from communities about unique challenges facing Black entrepreneurs

Research + Data: Gather new data through a survey and review existing data and literature to learn about challenges, best practices, and resources

Analysis: Analyze feedback gathered through partnerships, conversations, and research

Findings: Report back on what we learn, and provide recommendations to help Black entrepreneurs in NYC start and grow a business

Action: Launch tailored programs to help Black entrepreneurs start and grow businesses in NYC

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