Customized Training Pre-Application

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Customized Training is a competitive, reimbursable, grant program that helps for-profit, NYC-based businesses train and keep their employees.

Businesses must be for-profit, operating for at least one year, and able to pay for training upfront.

What’s in it for you? With financial support, business applicants can afford training programs that can impact a business’s bottom line, reduce employee turnover, create good morale, promote an efficient and productive workforce, and increase a business’s competitiveness in the marketplace.

Please complete the following questions to determine if your business is eligible for Customized Training. This should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

Business Information

In most circumstances non-profits and publicly-funded organizations are ineligible to receive funds for Customized Training.

Do all the employees you plan to train meet the following eligibility criteria?

Please note: requests must be made no later than 72 hours prior to an event/meeting.