M/WBE Cohort Programs Online Application

These SBS' capacity building programs are open to NYC-certified M/WBEs, and small businesses eligible to apply to be certified as such, located in the NYC and surrounding area and who fulfill the eligibility criteria for the program for which you are applying (see program websites at links below for more details and for eligibility criteria). These programs focus on doing business with the City of New York. Accepted participants will be expected to attend all classes, webinars and one-on-one mentoring/counseling sessions over a multi-week period:

In addition to the eligibility criteria for the program for which you are applying, applicants:

  • Must be the owner or have majority ownership in company; and
  • Must submit a business plan, growth plan, company profile and/or capabilities statement, if available.

You can upload files at end of application. All data entered on this application will be kept confidential.


  • This application cannot be saved once started. We suggest you review the application, gather the necessary info/materials, and then allot at least 20 minutes to complete the application in one session.
  • Do not use bullets or other special characters in your responses - this may prohibit your application from being successfully submitted.

* Indicates required fields

Please select the program/s for which you are applying*

Section 1: Company Information

If not majority ownership, do you have authority to make decisions for the business?*
Is your business certified as an M/WBE with the City of New York?* To apply for M/WBE certification with NYC, go to www.nyc.gov/getcertified.
Is your business based in your home?*
Do you work full-time in the business?*
Does your business have a bond line?*
Does your business have a credit line?* (other than credit cards)

The next five (5) questions are for Bond Readiness Program applicants. If you are not applying for Bond Readiness, feel free to select or enter "Not Applicable" in the drop-down menu for these questions.
Have you previously applied for a bond?*
Has your company previously completed a contract that required a bond?*

Does your company prepare financial statements (balance sheet and income statement)?*
Does your company possess the proper licenses and permits to operate in the City of New York?* To find out more information about required licenses and permits, please go to NYC.gov/business
Proof of company revenue will be required prior to acceptance into program. Should you be granted an interview, you will be required to bring your last two years of tax returns for verification purposes.
Were your revenues for 2018 profitable?*
Were your revenues for 2017 profitable?*
Were your revenues for 2016 profitable?*
Are you currently doing business with any NYC agencies?*
Does your business currently owe any back taxes to New York City or have any liens against it?*

Section 2: Applicant Information

Are you a citizen of the United States and/or legally allowed to work in the United States?*

Section 3: Experience and Business History

Are you planning to start another business within the next 12 months?*
Detail your two largest projects
Was Project 1 Profitable?*
Was Project 2 Profitable?*
Detail the latest two public RFPs you bid on.
If None enter N/A in fields.
Were you awarded the contract for the First Public RFP?*
Were you awarded the contract for the Second Public RFP?*
Have you ever failed to complete a contract?*
Please list your most recent employment.

Section 4: Additional Information

Do you have any other commitments that would interfere with your participation in this program over the next 2 - 4 months?*
Do you have a current business or growth plan for your business?* If yes, please upload at end of application
Are any of the principals of your business affiliated with the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) or work for/with any organization that holds a contract that is managed by SBS?*
Have you completed any other business mentorship or educational program?*
Would your business be interested in "teaming" with another business or other businesses in order to go after larger or new types of opportunities?*
Participants in these programs are expected to respond to at least one RFB/RFP during their participation in the program. To help us connect participants with the most relevant agencies, please visit NYC City Record Online and choose up to three solicitations (minimum 1) that you would consider bidding on. Your selection(s) will help us better understand your interests and may not necessarily be actual RFPs that you bid on.

Possible Solicitations:

Section 5: Upload Documents

If available, please upload a copy of your business and/or growth plan, company profile, and/or capabilities statement as indicated below. If you do not upload these documents here and are granted an interview, you may be required to bring them with you at that time.
Word or PDF format only.

Auxiliary aids and services are provided for individuals with a disability upon request. Please check the aid/service(s) that you need