ApprenticeNYC for CNC Machinists

ApprenticeNYC is a paid, full-time apprenticeship opportunity that provides classroom-based technical training and on-the-job training that helps New York City jobseekers develop in-demand skills in a long-term occupation with high growth potential. The computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinist track of the program provides 10 weeks of classroom training and 62 weeks of on-the-job training with employers in the advanced manufacturing sector.  

No Experience Necessary

To be eligible, you must be 18 years of age or older, a New York City resident, and have a High School Diploma or Equivalency.

This program is a good fit for you if:

  1. You can work early morning hours in a full-time position;
  2. You like making things and working with your hands;
  3. You can stand for long periods of time;
  4. You are committed to a career in manufacturing;
  5. You are committed to completing the 18-month long apprenticeship

A Real Career Path in Advanced Manufacturing

You will be trained for a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machinist position. In this role, you will work with computer numeric controlled (CNC) heavy machinery from setup to operation to produce parts and tools from metal, plastic or other materials. You will continue your training and education through your employment.

Earn While You Learn

Starting pay as an apprentice is $15.50 per hour. As you gain more skills, you receive several merit-based pay increases. Your pay at the end of the 18-month apprenticeship could be $16.50 per hour.

Complete the program application form to be considered for the opportunity.

Upon receiving your application, we will contact you regarding the below next steps:

  1. Attend and complete a series of assessment evaluations and interviews.
  2. If selected by one of our employers, you will be hired to start at a full-time, paid ten-week technical classroom-based training phase of your apprenticeship.
  3. After the ten weeks, each apprentice will begin working at their employer's NYC-based location for on-the-job training.