ApprenticeNYC for CNC Machinists

ApprenticeNYC for CNC Machinists. Start a Career in Advanced Manufacturing

ApprenticeNYC for CNC Machinists is a paid, full-time apprenticeship opportunity that provides classroom-based technical training and on-the-job training that helps New York City jobseekers develop in-demand skills in a long-term occupation with high growth potential. The computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinist track of the program provides 10 weeks of classroom training and 62 weeks of on-the-job training with employers in the advanced manufacturing sector.

No Experience Necessary

To be eligible, you must be 18 years of age or older, a New York City resident, and have a High School Diploma or Equivalency.

This program is a good fit for you if you:

  1. Can work early morning hours in a full-time position
  2. Like making things and working with your hands
  3. Can stand for long periods of time
  4. Are committed to a career in manufacturing
  5. Are committed to completing the 18-month long apprenticeship

A Real Career Path in Advanced Manufacturing

You will be trained for a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machinist position. In this role, you will work with computer numeric controlled (CNC) heavy machinery from setup to operation to produce parts and tools from metal, plastic or other materials. You will continue your training and education through your employment.

Earn While You Learn

Starting pay as an apprentice is $16 per hour. As you gain more skills, you receive several merit-based pay increases. Your pay at the end of the 18-month apprenticeship could be $16.50 per hour.

Applications are currently closed. Please check back in Spring 2020 to apply for the next training.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is an apprenticeship?
A: Apprenticeship is a well-organized and supervised method, which industries use to train people with little or no prior knowledge of a craft, or trade, to become capable, qualified craftsperson(s) or journeyperson(s). It is a "earn while you learn" program.

Q: What does a CNC Machinist do?
A: Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Machinists work with CNC heavy machinery from setup to operation to manufacture parts and tools from metal, plastic or other materials. You are not expected to have prior experience as a CNC Machinist when you enter the program. The 18-month apprenticeship will help you on your path towards becoming a capable and qualified CNC Machinist through both classroom and on-the-job learning.

Q: How long is the apprenticeship?
A: ApprenticeNYC for CNC Machinists lasts 18 months, but your employment will continue to the extent you and your employer agree to a future together.

Q: How many apprenticeship positions are available?
A: ApprenticeNYC is a highly competitive program. Each cycle of the program has a total of approximately 15 positions available. There are two cycles offered per year.

Q: What is required of me?
A: You must be 18 years of age or older, a New York City resident, and have your high school diploma or GED. You need to have an interest and willingness to start a career in manufacturing. You need to be interested in learning how to make things and have the ability to stand for long-periods of time. You also have to be ready and able to work full-time.

Q: What is advanced manufacturing?
A: Advanced manufacturing is what traditional manufacturing has moved into. It represents the modernization of making things. Today's manufacturers use highly sophisticated machines that are controlled by computers. These machines and computers communicate with one another to produce products in highly precise ways.

Q: What does on-the-job training cover?
A: Every participating employer will have a slightly different way that their apprentice will work. As a whole, every apprentice's job is to learn and work on operating CNC machines that will be cutting and fabricating different kinds of materials. You will be working a minimum of 40 hours a week. Many participating employers will offer overtime. The jobs are five (5) days a week. Many start at 7 a.m.

Q: Where are the jobs located? How do I get the job near me?
A: If you are interested in this apprenticeship opportunity, you will become part of the pool of candidates for our participating employers located within the five boroughs of New York City. If you are selected to continue through the assessment process, you will be able to interview with our employers. As much as those employers select their apprentices, you will select your employer as well. This is a two-way relationship. The goal is that you find and are selected by a company that is a good culture fit for you, as well as one that works for your life circumstances.

Q: What is the pay?
A: The starting salary for an apprentice is $16/hour. Over the 18 months, you will have the opportunity to receive a series of wage increases as you gain more technical expertise. Your pay at the end of the 18-month apprenticeship could be $16.50.

Q: I don't have prior experience in manufacturing. Can I still apply?
A: Of course! This apprenticeship is targeted for folks like you. The apprenticeship begins with training as a way to prepare you for your career path in advanced manufacturing. The main thing you need to ask yourself is – now that you know what is involved for this role – do you see yourself in it? Do you want to work in this industry? Do you want a career making things? Do you enjoy problem-solving? Are you ready to tackle the challenges of making things under tight timeframes and demanding expectations?

Q: I'm willing to try the apprenticeship, but what if I don't like it?
A: If that is your reaction – please take a moment and reflect on this in terms of what you want for your career. If you are not sold on the opportunity – that is ok. We are looking for those who want and can see themselves in the advanced manufacturing field. If you are uncertain about working in manufacturing - you might not be ready for a career in advanced manufacturing. The apprenticeship is for those who can envision themselves in these positions.

Q: What do I get out of this?
A: So many things! You get the start of a career in advanced manufacturing. Secondly, you learn while you earn! Third, you will get a certificate of completion and title change at the end of ApprenticeNYC portion of your career trajectory. Also, you will receive several merit-based pay increases.

Q: Are manufacturing jobs going to stay in New York City?
A: You are right to ask this question. Many jobs have gone away. However, the manufacturers participating in ApprenticeNYC are companies that have committed to stay in NYC and they are growing in their adaptation of sophisticated machines. And they need talent! They represent the growing community of manufacturers with highly advanced equipment that need talent with the willingness to learn how to safely and properly operate these CNC machines. Advanced Manufacturers here in NYC and across the city are facing shortages of qualified talent and are also witnessing a wave of retirement. We need folks like you in CNC operator roles to ensure we have the right talent to continue.

Q: What if I am unable to enroll in ApprenticeNYC CNC Machinist program now? Will there be other opportunities?
A: Please continue to check for future opportunities.

Q: Are there any part-time apprenticeship opportunities?
A: No. There are only full-time positions available.