Apply for an Individual Training Grant

Individual Training Grants (ITGs) pay for tuition, registration fees, testing fees, and books for in-demand trainings. ITGs are only available for training in certain occupations and at eligible training providers. Find out more about eligible occupations and training providers.

Who Can Apply?

To qualify for an ITG, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have an updated resume
  • Be looking for employment or be currently employed and making less than $63,928/year
  • Be ready to work immediately after training
  • Have a minimum of a High School diploma or equivalency and work experience (some occupations require a degree)
  • Register at a Workforce1 Career Center

What do Individual Training Grants Fund?

ITGs can fund course tuition, registration fees, testing fees, and books for short-term training programs (less than 1 year). ITGs cannot fund course for college credit or any training that is not listed as eligible on the NYC Training Guide.

How To Apply?

The application process is highly selective. At each step you will receive approval to move forward or referral to other services. Completing an application does not guarantee receipt of an ITG. Selection for participation is based on your eligibility, assessment of your needs, skill level, and your prospects for successfully completing the program and achieving employment in the field.

To apply for an ITG, you must:

  • Have participated in our services within the last six months
  • Meet education and experience requirements
  • View a presentation about the application process and take a skills test
  • Research courses on the NYC Training Guide and complete an application
  • Interview with a career advisor

Visit a Workforce1 Career Center to find out more and apply.

Why are some Individual Training Grant requests not approved?

There are several reasons why individuals are not granted ITGs. Some common reasons include:

  • The individual already possesses the necessary skills to be able to find work without receiving occupational training.
  • The individual needs more job preparation services, such as interview or resume assistance, to obtain employment in the field.
  • The individual is not actively looking for work or will not be able to work after training is completed.
  • The individual has already started training without an ITG or can finance training through Federal financial aid programs such as PELL.
  • The desired course is not listed on the NYC Training Guide as 'ITG Voucher Eligible'.