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We offer leadership development programs that train emerging and established professionals in new ways to lead change in their organizations and communities and enhance the vitality of the city's commercial districts:

Neighborhood 360° Fellows
Neighborhood Leadership Program

Neighborhood 360° Fellows

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Neighborhood 360° Fellows help community-based organizations complete commercial revitalization projects and connect local stakeholders to City resources. The fellows are paid by SBS and are full-time community development professionals, community organizers, or planners. We aim to build a network of leaders prepared with commercial revitalization expertise and experience in New York City neighborhoods.

Meet the current and former Neighborhood 360° Fellows.

Who Can Apply


Must meet these minimum criteria:

  • New York City resident (within 90 days of the start date)
  • One or more year(s) of community outreach, organizing, and/or planning experience
  • Have an interest in economic development and working with the host site neighborhood/community

Read the Neighborhood 360° Fellows program guidelines for more information.

Host Sites

Must meet these minimum criteria:

  • Nonprofit community-based organization (Business Improvement Districts, local development corporations, merchant associations, and other organizations) that implement commercial revitalization projects and are operating in New York City and incorporated in New York State
  • Able to assist in recruiting candidates and interviewing finalists
  • Able to provide the fellow with a desk and supporting equipment (i.e. computer and access to organization's phone)
  • Time and willingness to act as a mentor for the fellow

Applications to host a Neighborhood 360° Fellow are currently closed.

What Fellows Do

Neighborhood 360° Fellows are full-time, paid employees placed in New York City community-based organizations for 10 months to implement commercial revitalization projects and connect stakeholders to City resources. Types of projects include:

  • Business Attraction/Retention: Attract new businesses or retain existing businesses to ensure commercial districts have a diverse retail mix that serves the community and reduces the retail vacancy rate.
  • Merchant Organizing: Lead the strategic planning, outreach, and organizing efforts to create a new or revitalize an existing merchant association.
  • Placemaking: Cultivate a sense of place that capitalizes on the unique characteristics of the commercial district, incorporating key traits of the neighborhood and activating public space for the community.

Current host sites and projects are listed below.

How To Apply

Applications to become a fellow are currently open.

Apply Now

Deadline to apply is 11:59 p.m., Sunday, March 8, 2020.


Applications to become a host site have closed. Please check back in Fall 2020 for more information.

2020-2021 Host Sites

Neighborhood(s) Served: Harlem, Manhattan

Mission Statement: The 125th Street Business Improvement District’s mission is to:

  • Expand sustainable economic activity in the area including the creation or expansion of businesses and the development of jobs for community residents
  • Maximize the ability of local residents, businesses, and institutions to benefit from any and all opportunities created by commercial revitalization efforts
  • Improve the quality of life in the community

Organization Website: 125thstreet.nyc

Project Information: The Neighborhood 360° Fellow will help transform the 125th Street into a unique commercial district using Augmented Reality (AR). AR presents an opportunity for the BID and the community to achieve its innovative placemaking goals. The Fellow will work directly with merchants, residents, and other key stakeholders to increase the engagement rate on BID’s existing digital platforms and create strategic partnerships in the district. These partnerships will promote and advance the legacies of Harlem.

Ideal Skills, Qualifications, and Language:

  • Interest in AR/VR
  • Familiarity with tech industry
  • Experience with development and maintenance of digital platforms
  • Critical and creative thinking skills
  • Excellent research skills
  • Attention to detail

Neighborhood(s) Served: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Mission Statement: The Bay Ridge 5th Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) supports the businesses, property owners, and residents of 5th Avenue by promoting local merchants, creating community programming, and maintaining a sustainable and vibrant commercial corridor in the heart of Bay Ridge. The BID recently underwent a complete rebranding to better highlight the individual merchants and events on the avenue.

Organization Website: bayridgebid.com

Project Information: The BID would like to target public relations with a focus on individual businesses and improved BID marketing. There is a need to create a more cohesive marketing plan with short and long-term goals. The Neighborhood 360° Fellow will create a sustainable marketing plan, which involves merchant profiles, ensures equal coverage of all merchants, and assists them in business promotion. The goal is to increase BID’s social media following, frequency of monthly newsletters, and coverage of BID activities and local stores.

The Fellow will also help the organization evaluate current programs for effectiveness and develop new events that would reflect the needs of merchants and community members. The Fellow will measure efficiency, assist in planning of events, and work with local politicians and community groups on improving the Leif Ericson Park for future BID events.

Ideal Skills, Qualifications, and Language:

  • Comfortable with public speaking: one-on-one, cold calling, and leading focus groups
  • Highly organized with advanced Microsoft Office skills
  • Experience with WIX website builder & Squarespace
  • Flexible and comfortable working with small teams
  • Event planning experience required
  • Strong primary and secondary research skills and ability to write reports and communications
  • High-level proficiency in English. Arabic, Chinese or Spanish, a plus

Neighborhood(s) Served: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Mission Statement: The mission of the Grand Street BID is to create a vibrant commercial district and improve the quality of life for the community. Its principal activities include supplemental sidewalk cleaning, graffiti removal, the promotion and marketing of local businesses, and community activities in order to provide a clean, safe, and inviting district, making it a great place to live, work, and shop.

Organization Website: grandstreetbk.org

Project Information: The BID plans to offer more social and educational programming for businesses in its commercial corridor. The Neighborhood 360° Fellow will be responsible for creating a standard procedure to greet new businesses while connecting them to existing ones, thus creating a sense of community. The Fellow will also evaluate and improve existing programs through collecting feedback from merchants and residents. Lastly, the Fellow will be tasked to build and strengthen our relationships with businesses, property owners, and residents both inside and outside the BID to increase community engagement.

Ideal Skills, Qualifications, and Language:

  • Previous experience in community engagement and organizing
  • Comfortable working in a collaborative environment
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills with strong organization abilities and attention to detail
  • Self-starter
  • Interest in marketing
  • Spanish language skills a plus, but not required

Neighborhood(s) Served: East New York, Brooklyn

Mission Statement: The Local Development Corporation of East New York (LDCENY) has been a catalyst for economic development in East Brooklyn since 1979. Our commitment to the East New York Community continues to be the driving force to help businesses with job creation and to provide local residents with entrepreneurial services and programs that equip them with the necessary tools to take charge of their personal lives and finances.

Organization Website: ldceny.org

Project Information: The goal of the Data Collection & Merchant Organizing project is to help businesses in the East Brooklyn Business Improvement District (EBBID) increase sales, expand, and hire more local residents. These objectives will be realized with the creation of a Manufacturing District Needs Assessment (MDNA), which will provide a roadmap to address, support, and direct resources in the future.

The Neighborhood 360° Fellow will canvass the entire park (40 blocks) to refresh our Business to Business Directory in an effort to foster greater local awareness and business opportunities, create a real estate database, and identify businesses needs and procurement opportunities with an emphasis directed towards the new construction that is taking place in East New York.

LDCENY is also developing a design and tradeshow (Made in East New York) with area companies to highlight locally made products. The design show will take place in the EBBID and be included in the New York City Industry and Art Showcase held in May. The Fellow will have an opportunity to help shape this event and encourage local participation through outreach and making presentations to interested parties.

Ideal Skills, Qualifications, and Language:

  • Detailed oriented professional with skills in project management and analysis
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills
  • Creative, outside-the-box thinker
  • Experience writing and adapting surveys, as well as analyzing and interpreting survey data
  • Graphic design and/or GIS skills a plus

Neighborhood(s) Served: Morris Park, Bronx

Mission Statement: The Morris Park BID aims to enhance the Morris Park Avenue community by providing supplementary sanitation, beautification, safety, and district marketing services to support a thriving and vibrant Morris Park Avenue commercial corridor. These services are supplementing, not replacing the services provided by the City of New York.

Organization Website: morrisparkbid.org

Project Information: The Morris Park BID is a newly established organization, currently in its second year of operations. The Neighborhood 360° Fellow’s goal would be to support the BID with developing major programs, a database, strategic partnerships, and outreach plans. The Fellow will play an active role across all BID programs including reaching out to businesses along the corridor, identifying areas of potential development and opportunities to partner, and supporting BID events. The Fellow will also conduct a thorough physical assessment of the structural conditions of the corridor and support a beautification program for the organization that will start in FY21.

Ideal Skills, Qualifications, and Language:

  • Highly organized with advanced Microsoft Office and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Comfortable with public speaking and assertive: both in one-on-one settings and in meetings with multiple stakeholders representing the BID
  • Flexible and comfortable working in a small team
  • Experience developing databases or directories; graphic skills particularly desired
  • Fluency in Arabic is an advantage
  • Comfortable interacting in multicultural environments

Neighborhood(s) Served: SoHo, Manhattan

Mission Statement: We are a Neighborhood Improvement District. We serve those who live and work here in SoHo Broadway Corridor. Our mission is to improve the neighborhood and foster a unique, vibrant, mixed-use district.

Organization Website: sohobroadway.org

Project Information:

  1. The Neighborhood 360° Fellow will develop and implement regular community event and placemaking programs, including the BID’s participation in DOT's Weekend Walks, as well as other community events. In addition to the primary purpose to provide temporary public space and opportunities for community development, this program creates opportunities to gather data and feedback from the community that will inform the development of a public open space and programming plan in the long term. The scope includes developing a plan for 2020 Weekend Walks, other potential DOT programs, and indoor winter events.
  2. As a discrete project within our larger placemaking and public realm improvement efforts, the Fellow will develop and initiate a public art program with the goals of: celebrating the SoHo Broadway arts community, collaboration with arts organizations & individual artists, placemaking, beautification, creating excitement and visibility around the District and the Initiative as an organization, and community development and networking opportunities. The project scope may include identifying venue opportunities, building partnerships with host sites, developing a selection process with the Initiative Board committee and project budgets, solicitation and selection of artists, coordination of art installations, and execution of opening promotion materials and events.
  3. The Fellow will work on other placemaking opportunities as they arise, including a potential district planning effort currently being explored and to be determined on heels of the recently released Envision SoHo-NoHo recommendations report.

Ideal Skills, Qualifications, and Language:

  • Familiar with Microsoft Office, Adobe, and database programs
  • Demonstrated interest and/or experience in placemaking, urban planning, event planning, communications, community engagement, arts programming
  • Excellent communication skills and attention to detail
  • A self-starter who requires limited supervision to meet goals and is confident enough to ask for assistance and questions when needed

Neighborhood(s) Served: West Brighton, Staten Island

Mission Statement: The Staten Island Business Outreach Center’s (SIBOC) mission is to provide technical assistance to business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, local residents, and job seekers to ensure their individual growth thereby providing sustainable economic growth on Staten Island. As such, we empower low- and moderate-income people through a combination of business and workforce assistance such as one-on-one counseling, business plan development, financial literacy, resume writing and interviewing skills, seminars, workshops, and assistance with M/WBE certification, contracting, and related help.

Organization Website: siboc.org

Project Information: The Neighborhood 360° Fellow will provide business support and engagement, as well as build relationships and update the merchant database. The Fellow will also inform the community about merchant organizing benefits and create a marketing campaign for the merchant association.

Ideal Skills, Qualifications, and Language:

  • Comfortable with public speaking: one-on-one, cold calling, and leading focus groups
  • Computer and graphic design skills are a plus
  • Familiarity with Staten Island is a plus
  • Excellent communication skills and attention to detail
  • Flexible and comfortable working with small teams
  • A self-starter who requires limited supervision to meet goals and is confident enough to ask for assistance and questions when needed
  • Spanish language skills a plus

Neighborhood(s) Served: Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Mission Statement: The Sunset Park Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) was created in 1995. It is a New York State registered not-for-profit corporation. The Board of Directors, who have volunteered to donate their time, plan the projects and programs necessary for accomplishing the BID's mission of creating a thriving 5th Avenue.

Organization Website: sunsetparkbid.org

Project Information: The Sunset Park BID currently supports local business owners on a case-by-case basis as requested. We would like to use a customer relationship management (CRM) software to better serve our constituents. The Neighborhood 360° Fellow will work directly with our Executive Director to populate a CRM data system using a combination of personal outreach, research, and polling.

Through using the data collected for the above project, the Fellow will be tasked with merchant organizing on the corridor around issues such as sanitation, homelessness, and street vending that immensely impact the corridors. Through building relationships with City agencies, the Community Board, and elected officials, the BID hopes to better access City resources and create a standard form of group communication and education on issues that are most important to the community.

Ideal Skills, Qualifications, and Language:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Experience developing databases or directories
  • Comfortable working in a small office setting
  • Interest in community organizing
  • Strong writing skills and attention to detail
  • Capacity and persistency to work with merchants, workers, residents, and shoppers
  • Occasional evening work may be needed
  • Proficiency in Spanish language strongly preferred

Neighborhood(s) Served: East Harlem, Manhattan

Mission Statement: Uptown Grand Central is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming East 125th Street into a thriving corridor by delivering programs that put advocacy into action through collaborations with businesses, residents, and neighborhood organizations across East Harlem.

Organization Website: uptowngrandcentral.org

Project Information: Uptown Grand Central (Uptown) is looking for a Neighborhood 360° Fellow to create more interactions with their stakeholders, ranging from small businesses to property owners, from CBOs to residents, as well as assist with placemaking efforts in Uptown’s public spaces and community plaza. The goal is to strengthen Uptown’s stakeholder relationships and create vibrant public programming along the East 125th street corridor.

The Fellow will also have the opportunity to think creatively and implement potential solutions to address one of the most important issues for this commercial district: how to maintain public spaces that are both thriving and inclusive in a neighborhood with a high rate of homelessness and drug use. The fellow will engage East 125th Street stakeholders to gather data on these issues and work toward policy solutions.

Ideal Skills, Qualifications, and Language:

  • Experience with databases
  • Familiarity with basic data collection
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Project management experience
  • Background in community organizing, urban planning
  • Familiarity with constituent services
  • Attention to detail
  • Creative thinker
  • Comfortable working in a mixed population community

Neighborhood(s) Served: Woodhaven, Queens

Mission Statement: The Woodhaven Business Improvement District (BID) is a non-profit organization serving the vibrant and culturally diverse commercial district nestled along Jamaica Avenue from Dexter Court to 98th Street in Woodhaven, Queens. The mission of the BID is to communicate, coordinate, and advocate on behalf of Woodhaven business owners and merchants. The BID administers services to the corridor and community through its supplemental sanitation services, public safety, district and community marketing, holiday lighting and programming, and producing dynamic public events each year. In addition, the BID serves as advocate for the needs of the entire BID community, working closely with various City agencies and elected officials.

Organization Website: woodhavenbid.com

Project Information: In the effort to provide security for merchants and shoppers, the Woodhaven BID is looking to join forces with the NYPD's 102nd Precinct to create a program to install more security cameras on Jamaica Avenue. The Neighborhood 360° Fellow will interview potential merchants, create a database with merchant information, assess the corridor, and designate locations in need of cameras. The Fellow will also organize meetings with merchants, CBOs, and the NYPD to create and manage a more comprehensive program for this initial pilot.

To help businesses on Jamaica Avenue stay in compliance with regulations, the Woodhaven BID is looking for a Fellow to provide direct support to business owners and act as a liaison, connecting businesses to City resources. The Fellow will collect information from merchants and produce a database consisting of all the business’s issues. The Fellow will also help with social media maintenance (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), contribute to web and newsletter content, and create marketing campaigns for events, recognition, holidays, etc.

Ideal Skills, Qualifications, and Language:

  • Knowledge of marketing, social media, graphic design, etc.
  • Ability to propose ideas for marketing campaign or other projects
  • Well organized and detail oriented
  • Exceptional communication and writing skills
  • Passion for community work
  • Bilingual, English/Spanish preferable

Neighborhood Leadership Program

group photo of Neighborhood Leadership graduates

We partner with the Coro New York Leadership Center to help staff from community-based organizations across New York City develop leadership skills, learn new approaches to commercial revitalization, and connect to key stakeholders and resources critical to leading change in their organizations and communities. The Neighborhood Leadership Program is made possible by Community Development Block Grant funding through the Avenue NYC program.

The nine-month program teaches innovative management strategies, how to support small businesses and strengthen commercial districts, and provides access to a network of more than 2,000 engaged alumni making positive change in New York City.

Learn more about the current Neighborhood Leadership cohort and past participants.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted here by 11:59 p.m., Monday, November 23, 2020.

Attend an Info Session Webinar on 10/22/20

Contact us for more information