Neighborhood 360° Grants

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Neighborhood 360° grants provide funding to nonprofit organizations to address key findings and commercial revitalization opportunities identified in each Neighborhood 360° Commercial District Needs Assessment (CDNA).

Grants support projects that strengthen and revitalize the streets, small businesses, and community-based organizations that anchor New York City neighborhoods. Grants are awarded to community-based development organizations in eligible neighborhoods for organizations to staff, plan, and implement customized commercial revitalization programs over multiple years. Learn more about our current Neighborhood 360° grantees.


Neighborhood 360° Downtown Far Rockaway

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Downtown Far Rockaway, Queens Commercial District Needs Assessment (CDNA)!

This report details existing conditions, business data, and a neighborhood overview based on data gathered from streetscape observations, direct surveys, and stakeholder meetings with neighborhood merchants, vendors, shoppers, workers, property owners, and residents. CDNAs are part of SBS' Neighborhood 360° Program, launched in 2016, which partners with local stakeholders to identify, develop, and launch commercial revitalization projects.

Neighborhood 360° grant(s) will be awarded to nonprofits to address key findings and commercial revitalization opportunities identified in the Downtown Far Rockaway CDNA.

In addition to programmatic expenses necessary for project implementation, the multi-year grants will also provide dedicated funding for full-time program staff to help organizations develop, execute, and manage high quality commercial revitalization services.

Applications closed on Friday, August 30, 2019.

Current Grantees

In 2017, we announced the Neighborhood 360° grant awardees.

Applicants were awarded based on a number of factors, including their experience in commercial revitalization and community development, demonstrated understanding or prior work on core issues in each neighborhood, alignment between proposed projects and priority needs as indicated through the Neighborhood 360° Commercial District Needs Assessment (CDNA), and capacity for meaningful community engagement and outreach. The following nonprofit organizations were selected from each borough to deliver a suite of commercial revitalization programs and projects.



Lower East Side Partnership – 100 Gates Project


Davidson Community Center

Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation


Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation

Local Development Corporation of East New York


Union Settlement Association

Washington Heights Business Improvement District


Asian Americans for Equality

Downtown Flushing Transit Hub Business Improvement District

Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce

Staten Island

Staten Island Arts

Staten Island Chamber of Commerce


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