Resources for Property Owners

The links and resources below are a compilation of recommendations for how homeowners and business owners can prepare their buildings for weather emergencies, natural disasters, and power outages. There are also resources for communicating information about these events to tenants.

Some of the files linked below are in PDF format and require the Adobe Reader to view.

Determine whether your property is located in a hurricane evacuation zone or flood zone.

New York City hurricane evacuation zones

Information about flood zones

  • Visit, the official site of the National Flood Insurance Program for information on flooding and flood risks.
  • For more information on FEMA's flood map update process, visit
  • Get information on the flood risks in your area from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and what steps you can take to build safer and stronger structures.
  • Find preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) data for New York City.
  • Get answers to common questions about FIRMs, including how they are used, who develops them, and how they affect insurance rates.
  • Get information about New York City's flood hazard from NYC Recovery.

Information about advisory base flood elevations

Protect your home or business against different hazards.

General hazards

Resources from the NYC Department of Buildings

Flooding resources

Earthquake resources

Follow health and safety precautions to during and after an emergency.

  • Get flood safety information on how to minimize damage to your home if you need to evacuate, and how to protect your health when you return.
  • Learn essential electric safety rules and information from Con Edison.
  • Learn what causes power outages, and how and when to contact Con Edison in the event of a power outage.

Information and communication for homeowners and building owners in New York City.

  • 311 - your source for New York City government services. Visit 311 online or call 311 (212-629-9675 for Video Relay Service, or TTY: 212-504-4115).
  • Required Tenant Communication - learn what information a residential building owner is required to post in the event of an emergency.
  • Notify NYC - Notify NYC is the City's official source for information about emergency events and important City services.
  • CorpNet - CorpNet provides business partners with current, accurate information about emergencies.
  • Ready New York: My Emergency Plan - fill out this comprehensive emergency plan workbook from Ready New York. It contains space for emergency contacts.
  • Emergency Reference Card - fill out and keep this small reference card with you to always have emergency contact information close at hand.


For more information about evacuation or how to protect your property in the event of an emergency, visit 311 online or call 311 (212-629-9675 for Video Relay Service, or TTY: 212-504-4115).

Last updated: August 10, 2017