Brooklyn/Queens Waterfront

Northern Brooklyn / Queens Waterfront Public Workshop

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Host: P.S. 132, Brooklyn

Workshop date: March 14, 2013

Residents and local volunteers provided on-the-ground insight that helped our Community Rebuilding and Resiliency Team develop a deeper understanding of the priorities and challenges of the neighborhoods along the Brooklyn / Queens Waterfront.

Overall, out of the various task force and other meetings and public workshops attended by The Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency (SIRR) staff in the spring of 2013, several priorities for SIRR in the area along the Brooklyn / Queens Waterfront clearly emerged:

  • The importance of addressing the major expense of repairs and resiliency for low-rise buildings;
  • The importance of understanding the tremendous hurdles attached properties face in meeting FEMA guidelines;
  • The importance of providing flood protection from the inland water bodies – Newtown Creek– in addition to major water bodies;
  • The importance of mitigating street and property flooding, combined sewer overflow events, and sewer back-ups that are a regular concern;
  • The importance of addressing the great risk industrial properties face due to proximity to water and contents kept on ground floor; and
  • The importance of identifying more options for transportation.

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