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Implementation of Local Law 146 of 2018, in Relation to Required Disclosures of Short-term Rental Transactions by Booking Services

Local Law 146 of 2018 will go into effect February 2, 2019. This law was signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio on August 8, 2018, and was unanimously approved by the City Council on July 18, 2018. See copies of the law and view the legislative history.

The law requires online platforms that provide short-term rental booking services for a fee to provide information about those transactions to the Mayor's Office of Special Enforcement (OSE), including the physical address of the short-term rental; the location online of the advertisement that resulted in the short-rental; information relating to the identity of the host, including contact information; and information related to the scope of the short-term rental transaction.

OSE has proposed rules to implement the legislation as required by law. The public is invited to submit written comments on the rule or provide testimony at a public hearing. See a copy of the proposed rules and get information on submitting a comment or testifying at the hearing.