Letter from the Director

Mark Chambers

As the country’s largest city and financial capital, New York City has been delivering and leading climate action for more than a decade. We were the first big city to put together a comprehensive climate plan, and the first U.S. city to align our goals to the Paris Agreement. Today, despite a lack of federal partnership, NYC stands by its commitment to deliver on the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050 while reimagining and retrofitting our city to ensure better jobs, healthier lifestyles, and more affordability for our 8.5 million residents.

Human induced climate change is reversible and we are making progress to reduce our city’s greenhouse gas emissions by transitioning to cleaner modes of transportation, improving the energy efficiency of our 1 million buildings, creating easier ways to recycle and separate organics from the waste stream, and by transitioning to renewable energy.
I am both humbled and excited to serve as the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability as New York City continues to make thoughtful strides towards a better tomorrow for our city and our planet. 

-Mark Chambers, Director of Mayor's Office of Sustainability