Bring It

Bring it for your block. For your borough. For your family. For your followers. Bring it on the subway. Bring it everyday. This is why we bring it.

To support the City's Zero Waste by 2030 goal, the Mayor's Office of Climate and Environmental Justice launched BRING IT, a multi-channel campaign focused on helping students, and by extension their family and friends, reduce waste through advocacy and action. BRING IT launched in partnership with reusable bottle company S'well. Through this initiative, nearly every public high school student received reusable bottles with the goal of displacing more than 54 million single-use plastic bottles in New York City.

The campaign focuses on engaging and mobilizing NYC public school students through a range of programs and events that foster knowledge around sustainability, cultivate green job mentorship opportunities and encourage students to take action for their schools, city and planet.

Single-use plastic, like plastic bags, bottles, and cutlery, is a major source of preventable waste in New York City, as well as for our country and globe. Nationally, Americans throw away enough plastic water bottles to fill the Empire State building one and a half times each month. That is plastic that never goes away but breaks down and seeps into our water and ultimately our food, impacting our health. The production of plastic water bottles in the United States also uses 1.5 million barrels of oil a year, which is enough to power 250,000 homes or 100,000 cars all year.

Learn more and join the movement at BRING IT.