Community Energy Planning Tool

Photo of two Black workers examining equipments for renewable energy products at the Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry's Electrical Industry Training Center in Long Island City in Queens

The majority of energy in New York City is currently generated from fossil fuels. Building renewable energy projects within the five boroughs will help reduce our dependence on polluting energy sources and meet the city's goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

The Community Energy Planning Tool is designed to help city planners, project developers, building owners, and Environmental Justice advocates gain a better understanding of local clean energy resources, explore the feasibility of community-scale renewable energy installations, and identify opportunities for equitable investments in frontline communities.

The tool also provides additional resources on technical feasibility, funding assistance, zoning and permitting for local renewable projects.

The Community Energy Planning tool can also be used for educational purposes. Our team is available to provide demonstration sessions to educators, students, community organizations, and developers on local renewable energy options and opportunities for clean energy investment in Environmental Justice communities. Contact us to schedule an appointment.