Photo of a same sex couple with their baby

Start talking to your baby when she is a newborn. Even if it seems like your baby doesn't understand, she is listening and learning.

Look into your baby's eyes when talking. Both your words and the expression on your face will grab his attention.

Listen to your baby when she makes sounds ("ah-ah-ah," "ooh-ooh-ooh"). Repeat her sounds. Add your own words and short phrases to your "conversation."

Try these conversation starters:

Dialogue bubble that reads: The sky is blue
  • When on the bus or walking down the street, describe what you're seeing and where you're going.

    Examples: "See the garbage truck."
    "Look how blue the sky is."
    "What a cute puppy!"

Dialogue bubble that reads: Beep beep goes the car
  • When in the grocery store, talk about what you're looking at and buying.

    Examples: "The bananas are yellow.
    "What should we have for dinner?"

Dialogue bubble that reads: Let's count 1 2 3
  • During bath time, sing to him – a song you know or one you made up. Listen to New York City's First Lady Chirlane McCray sing the lullaby she once sang to her children.
  • When dressing your baby, describe her clothes.

    Examples: "Let's put on a warm sweater. It's cold outside."
    "Your socks are blue with pink dots."

Read aloud to your baby. Let the story you're reading guide the conversation.