About the President

Frances Henn is President of the Tax Commission and Tax Appeals Tribunal, the independent administrative tax appeals forums for the City of New York. She also serves as Director of the Office of Administrative Tax Appeals, the umbrella agency comprising the Tax Commission and Tax Appeals Tribunal.

President Henn was appointed as a Commissioner of the New York City Tax Appeals Tribunal in 2016. She has been one of a panel of three Commissioners hearing and deciding appeals from administrative law judge determinations in tax cases involving City business income and non-property excise taxes. She also has served as a hearing officer for the Tax Commission conducting hearings reviewing property tax assessments originally set by the NYC Department of Finance.

Prior to 2016 she spent 34 years with the NYC Law Department, Tax and Bankruptcy Litigation Division where she represented the Department of Finance before the City’s Tax Appeals Tribunal and supervised all aspects of real estate tax litigation including settlement review. Her representation of the Department of Finance extended to State court at both the trial and appellate levels. She also assisted in the formulation and review of tax policy and legislation and advised City agencies as to federal, state and local tax law. She holds a JD from Fordham University School of Law.