About Thrive Learning Center

About Thrive Learning Center

"1 in 5 New Yorkers experience a mental health disorder in any given year."

That statistic captured the city’s attention when it appeared in 2015. And in response we launched ThriveNYC to change the way the City approaches mental health and substance misuse.

As part of that effort, a team from ThriveNYC sat down with leaders from NYC’s faith and community organizations. Their goal was to find out what kinds of information and skills are needed by our trusted community partners in order to help you address the mental health issues facing your communities.

The result is this Thrive Learning Center (Thrive LC).

Thrive LC is designed for you - our trusted community partners who are not mental health professionals, but who community members turn to for support around these issues.

It’s a wide-ranging source of information on mental health. You can use it to learn new skills, or keep building on the skills you already have. Thrive LC’s library is full practical and effective learning tools. You can take self-directed trainings to improve your skills, or watch animations to deepen your knowledge. You can also download resources, and find in-person training sessions.

We will continue to update Thrive LC regularly with new resources and trainings. So don’t forget to come back and visit us often.

Let Thrive LC be your gateway to understanding and assisting with mental health issues in your community… and all across NYC.

Click on the links below to learn more about Thrive LC training and resources.