Thrive Learning Center

Thrive Learning Center

Has someone in your community reached out to you for support or advice on a difficult personal problem?

Maybe they were feeling a lot of stress or anxiety? Or struggling with depression or substance misuse?

For those of us who aren’t health professionals, knowing how to help in those situations can be daunting.

The Thrive Learning Center can help deepen your skills and knowledge about mental health issues, so you feel more able to talk to someone about their mental health challenges, and guide them in the right direction.

With the help of Thrive LC you could make a real difference in someone’s life.

The Thrive LC library offers three different ways to learn.

  • In-depth Learning Modules – online courses to help you master useful skills
  • Knowledge Resources – information and animated videos about specific mental health problems
  • In-person training schedules – information about in-person training events and links to sign-up pages

Below you will find the links to our In-depth Learning Modules and In-Person Training.

Thrive LC also offers links to community and health organizations, plus advice on who to call for further information.

We will be adding more courses and knowledge builders over time, so please visit Thrive LC regularly.

In-depth Learning Modules

Our in-depth learning modules on mental health are offered at 2 skill levels;

  1. Knowledge Building I - Begin your mental health training with self-directed learning and awareness courses. Take them in your own time and at your own pace.
  2. Advanced Skill Building II - Take your learning to the next level by completing a course that can partner you with a behavioral coach.

Whatever your skill level, our courses are packed with useful advice, and information on how to deal with mental health challenges of many kinds. They include video stories and animations, as well as interactive quizzes to test your knowledge, and information summaries to print and keep.

You may even learn skills that improve your own mental health!

Knowledge Building I

Skill level that focuses on independent learning to increase understanding and awareness of mental health

Self Care Stress Management

Advanced Skill Building II

Skill level that encourages partnering with a behavioral health coach

Problem Solving Skills (Coming 2018)

In-person Training

Have you taken all the training we have to offer, and still want more? Then visit us again soon. We’ll be adding more resources and courses regularly.