Self-Care and Managing Stress

Self-Care and Managing Stress (Spanish / Español)

Welcome to "How to Help Others Manage Stress". This initial training module of the Thrive Learning Center (ThriveLC) will help you to help others better manage their stress and especially to know when common "stress" may be turning into something more serious. The training video and accompanying toolkit are intended to help you as a community leader or resource to help people struggling with and feeling overwhelmed by stress.

Audio Description: Watch as training topics in the module include Defining Stress, Identifying Sources of Stress, Recognizing Signs of Stress, Recognizing Signs of Something More Serious, Engaging with Community Members, Practicing Self-Care and How and When to Connect Others to Resources, and a list of Resources.

View the How to Help Manage Stress Module Pt. 1 - Spanish / Español - Chinese / 正體字