Accessible Dispatch

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Citywide Accessible Dispatch Service

The TLC manages a program that provides wheelchair accessible yellow and green taxi service originating anywhere in the five boroughs and ending either in the five boroughs, Westchester County, Nassau County or the three regional airports. Passengers pay the metered taxi fare from the point of pick-up to their destination. There are no extra costs to passengers.

Another Way - Audio Described from Prosper Digital TV on Vimeo.

The above video includes audio descriptions of accessible taxi enhancements that aid blind or low vision individuals during their trip.

Passengers, Learn How to Request an Accessible Ride

There are four ways to request a New York City wheelchair accessible taxi through the Citywide Accessible Dispatch Program:

  • Use the mobile app Accessible Dispatch NYC powered by Medical Transportation Management, Inc. (MTM) and available free at the Apple App Store or the Android App Store
  • Order online at Accessible Dispatch New Reservation
  • Call the dispatch center directly: (646) 599-9999
  • Call 311, NY Relay: 711

Learn More About Accessible Dispatch

The Citywide Accessible Dispatch Program is operated by Medical Transportation Management, Inc. (MTM). Additional information on the program can be found at For questions or to provide feedback about the Citywide Accessible Dispatch service, contact MTM at (646)-599-9999 or email To file a complaint with the TLC about an Accessible Dispatch trip visit Filing a Complaint with the TLC or contact 311. To learn more about your rights as a passenger visit Bill of Rights.

Drivers, Learn How the Accessible Dispatch Program Works

If you are a driver with questions about the Accessible Dispatch program, contact the driver hotline at (646) 942-5957. Also see the dispatch feel schedule below.

Distance Fees

Maximum Distance (miles) Dispatch Fee
Up to 0.5   
‚Äč0.5 - 1.0   
1.0 - 1.5   
1.5 - 2.0   
More than 2.0   

Other Fees

Maximum Distance (miles) Dispatch Fee
Passenger No-Show   
Dispatch fee plus $10.00
Cancellation Fee   
Dispatch fee minus $5.00
Necessary Tolls    
Dispatch Fee plus tolls at EZ-Pass rate
If you are a driver with questions about the Taxi Improvement Fund (TIF), which provides payments of $1 for each trip that enrolled drivers complete in a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV), visit the TIF Driver page. Note that you must enroll to be eligible for TIF payments. Read Accessible and E-Hail Trips: What Drivers Need to Know  to learn more about how to earn more money and help passengers with disabilities through the Accessible Dispatch, Access-A-Ride, and E-hail programs.