Aggregated Reports

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TLC collects vast amounts of data, such as trip records, vehicle counts and fare charges. On this page you will find monthly aggregated reports, local law reports, and other statistical findings.

Aggregate Reports (Updated Monthly):

Yellow Taxi, Green Taxi, and FHV Monthly Indicators

Monthly metrics containing average daily trips and amount of fares collected, active vehicles and drivers, and credit card usage. The information was tabulated from data collected through the LPEP system.

FHV Base Aggregate Weekly Report (Updated Monthly)

Monthly report containing weekly total dispatched trips and unique dispatched vehicles by base, tabulated from FHV Trip Record submissions made by bases.*

Local Law Reports:

Other Data Reports:

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*Note: While TLC performs routine reviews of submitted trip records, TLC generally publishes the data as submitted by bases. Therefore, we cannot guarantee or confirm the accuracy of the data.