2020 Factbook cover

The Taxi & Limousine Commission collects a wealth of data related to the taxi and for-hire vehicle industry in New York City. The TLC Factbook compiles the largest trends in the regulated for-hire industry segments and presents them through maps, charts, and graphics. On this page you will find links to the current and previous TLC Factbooks, as well as the underlying data.

Some of the data behind these trends, such as trip records, vehicle counts, and fares, is regularly updated and posted to the TLC website in both aggregated and raw form. Additional data on the industry can be found on NYC Open Data.

  • October 04, 2018 — Metric 29, related to vehicle crashes, has been amended to include only those resulting in an injury. This is in line with the City's ongoing Vision Zero reporting. 

  • February 14, 2019 — Factbook document was updated to reflect changes to Metric 11. Daily Average Trips by Time of Day, Day of Week. The y-axis now represents the accurate daily average trips after an error has been corrected.