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2020 TLC Honor Roll Celebration

The 2020 TLC Safety Honor Roll is the seventh annual event recognizing TLC-licensed drivers who have outstanding records of safe driving over many years and millions of miles behind the wheel. The TLC has high standards for its 185,000 licensed drivers, and on a mile-per-mile basis TLC-licensed drivers are some of the safest drivers on New York City streets. The TLC reviewed all of its licensed drivers’ records and identified drivers who have, over four or more years, not had a single crash resulting in an injury, a single traffic violation, or a single violation of TLC safety-related rules. The 411 drivers on the 2020 TLC Safety Honor Roll represent a truly elite group.

The TLC Safety Honor Roll also honors taxi fleets and car service bases with superior safety records. These businesses play a crucial role in promoting safe driving practices in the for-hire transportation industry.

The TLC Accessibility Honor Roll recognizes drivers who have distinguished themselves as excellent providers of accessible service to our city’s wheelchair users. These yellow and green taxi drivers represent the highest and most consistent trip providers in the Accessible Dispatch program.

In addition, TLC also honors drivers for service to their community. While we as a City have faced difficulties due to COVID-19, TLC-licensed drivers have stepped up as essential workers during this difficult time continuing to get us where we need to go, taking us to hospitals to visit our loved ones, picking up essential workers coming off late shifts, and ensuring we all get home safely to our families. TLC-licensed drivers have also helped keep vulnerable New Yorkers fed during the pandemic, delivering over 65 million meals to those in need. This year’s Honor Roll ceremony will highlight the important role these drivers have played throughout the pandemic by honoring the 25 drivers who delivered the most meals.

Taken as a whole, this year’s honorees are leading the way in TLC-regulated industries, improving service to the riding public, and making our streets safer places to live and work.

Read the press release 1 December 2020 – TLC Recognizes Drivers and Businesses in Virtual Honor Roll (PDF).

These remarkable drivers and businesses were recognized for their commitment to safety and service at a digital ceremony premiering online on December 1st, 2020.

TLC Safety Honor Roll drivers have had no crashes involving fatality or injury, no traffic violations, and no violations of TLC safety-related rules for four or more years as TLC-licensed drivers.

  • The 2020 Safety Honor Roll is comprised of 411 TLC-licensed drivers. Among our honorees, 202 drive yellow taxis, 230 drive for-hire vehicles, 16 drive green taxis, and 42 drive commuter vans.
  • From 2017-2020, our Honor Roll drivers completed almost 6 million trips!
  • This year, we have 161 repeat honorees for at least two years. In addition, 63 drivers are three-time honorees, 39 drivers are four-time honorees, 13 drivers are five-time honorees, two drivers are six-time honorees, and one driver, Howard Kugelman, has been honored at every TLC Honor Roll Ceremony since 2014.
  • William Abebrese completed the most trips out of all the honorees in the past four years, a total of 27,986 trips. He has also been a repeat honoree for the past three years.
  • Safety Honor Roll drivers hail from all five boroughs. Of the honorees, 159 are from Queens, 128 are from Brooklyn, 58 are from the Bronx, 27 are from Manhattan, and 11 are from Staten Island.

Facts about 2020 Safety Honor Roll Businesses

TLC Safety Honor Roll businesses have the lowest shares of vehicles involved in serious collisions (i.e., collisions with an injury) in their industry sectors in 2020.

  • The honorees include five yellow taxi fleets and twenty car service bases.
  • All of our taxi fleets and car service base honorees had zero crashes involving their affiliated vehicles in the past year.
  • One business honoree – Ultra Black Car Transportation Corp. – has been on the TLC Safety Honor Roll for two consecutive years.
  • Our safest business honorees are based out of all five boroughs. Six car service bases are located in Manhattan, thirteen are located in Queens, three are located in Brooklyn, one is located in the Bronx, and the remaining two are located outside the city.

Facts about 2020 Accessibility Honor Roll Drivers

TLC honored 21 taxi drivers for their superior service in TLC’s Accessible Dispatch Program.

  • The Accessible Dispatch Program allows passengers with disabilities to have a yellow or green taxi dispatched to them for pickups and destinations anywhere in NYC by app, web, or phone.
  • Through the TLC’s Accessible Dispatch program, passengers citywide receive on-demand wheelchair accessible taxi service. One honoree completed almost 250 Accessible Dispatch trips between July 2019 and March 2020.  
  • Five honorees have been honored two years in a row, and two honorees have been honored three years in a row for their high numbers of Accessible Dispatch trips.
  • Our Accessibility Leaders averaged more than 250 accessible trips each since the citywide expansion of the Accessible Dispatch Program in 2018.

Facts about 2020 Community Service Honor Roll Drivers

TLC honored ten drivers for community service for their work delivering emergency meals this year. These drivers worked to ensure vulnerable New Yorkers had access to food during the pandemic.

  • This program was a close partnership with various agencies including Emergency Management, Sanitation, TLC, and the Parks Department.
  • As part of the City’s broader GetFoodNYC program, TLC Delivery connected New Yorkers with free meals using TLC-licensed drivers to deliver meals directly to homebound residents.
  • Nearly 10,000 TLC-licensed drivers participated, delivering over 65 million meals citywide.
  • TLC-licensed drivers delivered meals to over 720,000 households or 1.2 million New Yorkers. Almost 15% of all New Yorkers received meals through TLC Delivery.
  • Syed Bukhari, who shared remarks with his fellow honorees in the digital celebration, performed over 800 routes, delivering meals to almost 5,000 households.