For-Hire Vehicle Bases

There are four classes of FHV service in New York City: Community Cars (aka Liveries), Black Cars, Luxury Limousines, and High Volume For-Hire Services. For-hire service must be arranged through a TLC-licensed base and performed by TLC-licensed drivers in TLC-licensed vehicles.

Community Cars and Black Cars provide pre-arranged transportation throughout New York City. These bases range in size from small, neighborhood-based operations to large fleet-type companies that provide citywide service.  Community Cars are required to offer passengers up-front flat fares.

Luxury Limousines provide pre-arranged premium transportation to clients throughout New York City.

Get an FHV Base Owner License

Applying for a Black Car/Luxury Limousine Bases License

Note: Use the ORI number "156GQS" and your TLC license number to log in on the website to request a fingerprint appointment.

Applying for a Livery Base Stations/Street Hail Livery Base License

Note: Use the ORI number "156GQS" and your TLC license number to log in on the website to request an appointment.

Supporting Documents, Affirmation, and Forms

Licensed FHV Bases

Changing Base Status and Information

Renewing a Base License

Schedule an appointment to submit your application NYC TLC online appointment system.

Make all renewal application payments using LARS

  1. Pay any outstanding parking, traffic, or TLC tickets;
  2. Gather all documents listed in the Base License Renewal Checklist;
  3. Scan, attach, and email documents to: Please, clearly and accurately label or name all attachments.

SHL Base Endorsements

Terminating Affiliation

To terminate affiliation:

  • The Base must notify the vehicle owner; and/or SHL permit holder of termination.
  • If the Base cannot obtain the vehicle owner/SHL permit holder's signature, the Base must provide notice in writing. A letter must be sent to the vehicle owner/SHL permit holder, by certified mail, to the address on file with the TLC. When requesting to terminate affiliation, the Base must provide proof that the notice letter was sent. Please see Sample Letter of Termination of Vehicle Affiliation (PDF) for reference.
  • Complete the Termination Affiliation Form (PDF)

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