Taxicab Medallion

Medallion Renewals

When to Apply for a Renewal

  • Medallions are renewed every two years, thirty (30) days prior to the expiration date of May 31, in the renewal year. The renewal year is the year the Medallion expires printed on the rate card.
  • Renewals must be completed by April 30th of the year the Medallion expires.
  • If a renewal is not submitted by April 30th, thirty (30) days prior to the expiration date of May 31st, the renewal will not be valid until the TLC processes and approves your late renewal application. After renewal you will be sent a notification that you owe a $25.00 late fee.

How to Apply for a Renewal

  1. Pay outstanding TLC tickets and Taxicab Improvement SurchargePayments (TIF) online using LARS.
  2. Pay any outstanding parking or traffic tickets, as well as, outstanding Commercial Motor Vehicle Taxes (CMVT), MTA Taxes, and/or Congestion Surcharges.
  3. Pay your renewal fee online using LARS.
  4. Updated insurance documents must be emailed to

Insurance requirements

  • Insurance Certificate - Current For-Hire Insurance Certificate (FH-1) in renewal applicant’s name.

Certifying a Medallion to a Vehicle

Only hacked-up new, or used vehicles can be certified to be a taxicab medallion.

Hardship Vehicle Retirement Extension

Yellow cabs must be removed 7 years after initial hack-up, but can be extended through a Hardship Vehicle Retirement Extension. Visit Hardship Vehicle Retirement Extension for more information.

Wheelchair Accessibility Requirements

The TLC created the Taxi Improvement Fund (TIF) to support medallion owners and drivers who purchase and drive accessible yellow cabs. In 2014 the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) passed rules to create the Taxicab Improvement Fund (TIF). The fund was created as part of an overall strategy by the agency to increase the number of accessible taxicabs. The agency goal is for 50% of the yellow taxi fleet to be accessible by 2020. See Approved Vehicle List in Yellow Cab Hack-Up. Visit Taxi Improvement Fund for more information on signing up for and receiving TIF assistance.

Request a Medallion Ownership Verification

Taxicab Driver Bill of Rights

All fleets, agents, and taximeter shops must post the Driver Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights consists of two posters: one poster relates to fleet drivers and the other to driver-owned-vehicle(DOV) drivers. All licensed agents, fleets, and meter shops must print, laminate or frame, and post the version(s) of the Bill of Rights most appropriate for their business (for example, agents must post both posters if they lease taxicabs on a daily or weekly basis and also lease medallions to DOVs).

The Bill of Rights must be printed and posted as follows:

  1. Printed in color.
  2. Each poster must be no smaller than 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall.
  3. Laminated or framed to protect from damage.
  4. Posted in plain sight near the payment window or other area where drivers regularly conduct normal and daily business transactions with the agent, fleet or meter shop.

Licensees not in compliance may be issued a summons and a fine up to $500. Any questions about posting the Bill of Rights should be directed to the TLC Driver Protection Unit at (718) 391-5539 or email at

Vehicle Insurance Requirements

Seating Capacity:

1-8 passengers

Minimum Insurance Levels:

  • $100,000 per person
  • $300,000 per occurrence CSL
  • $200,000 PIP*
*Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Note: A Base’s Umbrella Policy can be used to meet the TLC mandated liability insurance requirements only for (1) vehicles directly owned by the base, or (2) vehicles affiliated with (but not owned by) the Base but in such cases the Vehicle Owner MUST be listed as a named Insured on the Endorsement page. In all cases, the Declaration Page of the Base policy presented MUST include a schedule of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINS) that are covered. The policy must have insurance levels for the vehicles that meets agency insurance requirements and the policy must cover any and all accidents incurred by the vehicle. There can be no exclusionary language in the policy that limits liability or coverage for the vehicle. The TLC may request a full copy of the Base policy to confirm coverage and this could delay the processing of your application.

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