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Program overview

The City has created the GetFoodNYC Food Delivery Program to provide food for coronavirus (COVID-19)-vulnerable and food-insecure New Yorkers not currently served through existing food delivery programs.

We are asking TLC-licensed drivers to participate in this important work by assisting in delivering food to New Yorkers who must stay home.

Drivers will receive $53 per route, on all routes citywide, including $40 per route in base pay and $13 per route to cover gas and mileage.

Driver Signup

Signing up is easy:

  • Visit
  • Register by providing your name, phone number, email, TLC license number, and details on getting paid
  • Login here to schedule availability, check-in, or view delivery and route details.
    • Review the Shift Signup Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to reserve a shift online

Drivers will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are not initially selected, we hope to reach you in the days ahead as demand for meals increases. If you have any issues signing up, contact

Driver Guidance

New Delivery Instructions

Thank you for participating in City of New York’s GetFood NYC emergency food delivery program! TLC drivers have delivered over 30 million meals (and counting) to the New Yorkers that need it most. The success of this program is a product of your dedication and hard work. We could not do it without you.

Delivery Photographs Now Required

Our clients deserve great customer service and you deserve an opportunity to show your good work. We are implementing new requirements to make sure that their deliveries are successfully completed. Effective immediately you must take a photograph to show the food arrived to the client’s door.

The photo may include either of the following:

  1. A picture of the client or designee’s signature on the box (make sure the client’s name and address is written on the box and visible in the picture) OR
  2. A picture of the box in front of the client’s apartment door (make sure the client’s name and address is written on the box and visible in the picture)

Save each photo for at least seven days.

Driver Review Process

The GetFood NYC program will conduct a regular review of driver deliveries. You may be requested to report to a meal delivery hub to participate in one of these reviews. At the review you will be asked to share your photos and any phone call history that documents the work you did to complete your routes. Failure to participate in these reviews or failure to documentation may affect payments.

Guidelines for Driver’s Participating in NYC’s Get Food Delivery Operation

Thank you for signing up to deliver meals to New Yorkers. Your participation in this program makes our city safer and more resilient during this challenging time.
The following instructions will help you complete your assignment and receive your payment in a timely manner.

How to Start Your Day Delivering for the NYC Get Food Program

You will be assigned a pickup from a NYC Food Distribution Site. Drive your vehicle to the site at your assigned check-in time. When you reach the front of the line.

  • Do not get out of the car unless instructed to do so by staff on site. Masks, gloves and hand sanitizer will be distributed for drivers that need these items. Please wear provided mask or use another face covering to comply with Governor Cuomo’s executive order.
  • Be prepared to display your TLC Driver License.
  • Workers on site will provide you with a “Run Sheet” with your assigned deliveries for the day and how many meals you need to deliver to each address. Do not lose this sheet – you will need to return it at the end of the day.
  • Open the trunk so that staff can load meals.
  • When staff on site gives you the signal to leave, proceed to your delivery addresses.

How to Make Your Deliveries

  • Review all your delivery addresses and plan your route. Drive safely to each address.
  • When you arrive at a delivery address, park your car.
  • When delivering meals to an address, you can park your vehicle for up to 10 minutes in the following locations:
    • No Parking Zones
    • Metered Parking Zones (you do not need to purchase time at the meter)
    • Truck Loading Zones

Please do NOT park or double park your vehicle in private off the street areas such as NYCHA housing parking lots or driveways. Double parking or parking in private off-street lots can result in your vehicle being towed. 

  • After you park, check your run sheet to confirm the following:
    • The number of meals you need to deliver to the address (This will vary)
    • Whether the client can or cannot meet you at the curb
    • Note any delivery instructions (broken buzzers, locked gates, etc)
  • Call the customer to let them know that their delivery has arrived. They may give you additional instructions about how to enter the building and find their apartment. They might have to buzz you into the building. If they do:
    • Wear a mask and gloves when entering the building
    • Keep good social distance – maintain at least six feet
    • When you get to the client’s door, ring the bell, or knock and announce, “NYC Get Food Delivery”
    • Leave the food at the door and back away at least six feet before the clients answers the door
    • When the client answers the door give them a wave and go on to your next delivery
  • Mark your delivery as complete.

What To Do if You Can’t Reach the Customer

  1. Try to call the customer’s phone at least twice.
  2. If you can reach the customer’s apartment (unit) door, you should ring the doorbell. If the client does not answer the door you may then leave the food at the door. In this case make a note on your Run Sheet that you called the client did not answer the phone or the doorbell, but that you left the meal for them anyway.
  3. If you can’t reach the customer by phone and can’t enter the building, you may mark the delivery “not complete” on your run sheet and the reason and return the extra meals at the end of your shift.

What To Do At the End of Your Shift

  1. Once you have completed your shift you should drive back to the Food Distribution Site (the same site where you started your shift).
  2. You should return your run sheet to the staff on site so that your day can be marked complete and you can be paid.
  3. Staff on site will sign a portion of your runs sheet and give it to you for your records. Save this receipt.

What to Do If You Receive a Parking Ticket

If you received a parking ticket while completing deliveries for NYC's Get Food Delivery Program, email A External Affairs staffer will follow up with you directly. In the email, please include:

  • TLC driver license number
  • Date of your route
  • Route ID number
  • A copy of your parking ticket

Driver Payment

How You Will Be Paid

Electronic payment coming soon. All drivers should register for a PayActiv account now so they are ready when electronic payment begins. Review the PayActiv Signup Guide and sign up today!

Payments will be processed based on a work week that runs Sunday through Saturday, and checks will arrive by mail by the following Saturday. If you have completed routes, look for an envelope in the mail from the City of New York, this envelope will contain your check. Payments for routes completed during the first week of the program were mailed on April 10. Payments for the second week of the program were mailed on April 20th. The City is implementing an electronic payment solution that will enable drivers to access their funds weekly.

What Do I Do If There is a Mistake in My Paycheck?

NYC is committed to paying drivers fairly for their work. If you believe that a mistake has been made in your payment we will carefully analyze your claim and make any corrections that might be necessary.

In order to file a payment complaint please use this form:

  • Fill out all the required fields and select “I am a TLC driver with a question”
  • In the comments area, be sure to include the following information when you file a claim
  • Your TLC Number
  • The date or dates that you worked delivering food
  • The route ID numbers that you delivered food to (You can find this on your receipt)
  • Any other information that you believe is important for your claim

After you submit your claim, we may contact you for further information such as scans or photos of any route receipts that you may have. Be sure to save your original route receipts.

Driver Guidelines in Multiple Languages

New Driver Instrcutions – Photographs Now Required

Keep yourself and your neighbors safe. Do not sign up for shifts if you’re feeling sick. Visit the Health Department’s website for more information for how to protect yourself and others.

Do you or someone you know need food assistance? COVID-19-vulnerable and food-insecure New Yorkers who cannot access food themselves can sign up for the GetFoodNYC program. Visit to learn more and sign up.

If you are a TLC Driver Licensee and received a parking summons while on-duty for the TLC Delivery program, please contact External Affairs for assistance at: