Find an Accessible Ride

There are four ways to request a wheelchair accessible taxi or for-hire vehicle in New York City:

Use the Accessible Dispatch Program

Follow the following steps:
  • Use the mobile app Accessible Dispatch NYC powered by Medical Transportation Management, Inc. (MTM) and available free at the Apple App Store or the Android App Store
  • Order online at Accessible Dispatch New Reservation
  • Call the dispatch center directly: (646) 599-9999
  • Call 311, NY Relay: 711
  • For more information visit Accessible Dispatch

Use one of these E-hail Apps

  • Arro
  • Curb
  • Waave Ride
  • Wapanda

Request a For-Hire Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle from a car service base

Wheelchair-Accessible For-Hire Vehicle Service
All livery, black car, and limousine bases are required to provide service in wheelchair accessible vehicles. Starting in January 2019, bases must either send a certain percentage of their trips to WAVs, or partner with an approved Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Dispatcher to service WAV requests. These rules are meant to ensure that passengers can request a WAV from any local car service or app-based for-hire vehicle base and receive timely, safe service.

You can request an accessible trip by calling your local car service directly, visiting your car service’s website, or using any car service app available in NYC. You will pay the same fare as for a non-accessible trip from the same car service, and the base must offer the same style of booking (phone, web, mobile app) and options (reservation-based or on-demand) as for non-accessible trips. For more information visit FHV Accessibility.

If you request a wheelchair accessible vehicle and don’t receive one call 311.

Hail a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle on the street

All available taxis are required to pick up street hails.