Renew a For-Hire Vehicle License

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When to Apply for a Renewal

  • You can submit a completed renewal license application with all documentation at least 30 days before it expires to receive a renewed license before the olde one expires.
    • If you fail to renew your license by the expiration date you will have an additional 60 days to complete all your renewal requirements.
  • If renewing late, your license will remain expired until you complete all renewal requirements and TLC processes and approves your late renewal application. After renewal you will be sent a notification that you owe a $25.00 late fee.

Documentation Needed

  • Insurance Certificate (Only if Expired) - Current For-Hire Insurance Certificate (FH-1) in the applicant’s name.
  • Insurance Certificate of Liability - Current Insurance Certificate of Liability directly from your insurance company showing levels of insurance coverage. Coverage must meet the minimum Insurance Requirements.
  • Copy of DMV Registration (If Out of State)

How to Apply for a Renewal

  1. Pay any outstanding parking, traffic, or TLC tickets.
  2. Pay your renewal fee online using LARS.
  3. Email the required documents to
  4. Once all documents are approved and renewal fee paid on LARS, TLC will email you a vehicle inspection date. You can also check your inspection date on TLC UP.
  5. Visit Vehicle Inspections to see requirements.
  6. Once the vehicle passes inspections the vehicle license will be renewed.


Total cost = $1,350 to $1,425 (non-WAV only)


$0 to $875 (WAV only)

  • $550 - Vehicle Renewal Fee (non-WAV only)
  • $75 - Inspection fee for vehicles with 500 miles or more. If your vehicle is affiliated to an SHL permit at the time of your renewal, you will not be required to pay any inspection fees. The SHL permit holder will pay the inspection fees.
  • $800 - CMVT Tax for vehicles registered outside of New York State

All TLC fees are non-refundable - no exceptions!

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