Facts & Stats:


The New York City greater metropolitan area is home to over a million service members, veterans and their families. As of the most recently available data from the American Community Survey and the US Department of Veterans Affairs in 2016, NYC veterans are distributed throughout the city as follows:

  • Queens: 27.9%, or 58,815
  • Brooklyn: 25.7%, or 54,178
  • Manhattan: 18.3%, or 38,577
  • The Bronx: 17.9%, or 37,495
  • Staten Island: 10.2%, or 21,502

DVS estimates there to be 189,808 veterans of “active duty” and 21,000 estimated National Guard and reservists.

For more on NYC veterans demographics, please see our infographics.


The current employment rate for veterans in NYC is 88.1%. DVS is committed to growing the number of employed veterans through our partnership with the Department of Small Business Services (DBS) and public-private partnerships.

DVS employs 25 veterans and veteran-family members, over 65% of our staff. All members of our staff are “veterans of public service,” with deep experience in either the nonprofit or public sector.


Over 12,000 students use their GI Bill in NYC colleges and universities each year. Education levels of NYC veterans are as follows:
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 27.9%
  • Some college / associate’s degree : 30.8%
  • High school graduate: 30.6%
  • Less than high school: 10.6%

Era of conflict

The majority of NYC veterans served in the Vietnam War, followed by the Korean War. Era of service of NYC veterans are as follows:
  • Vietnam War: 29%
  • Korean War: 13%
  • World War II: 11%
  • Gulf War: 11%
  • Post 9/11 Wars (ongoing): 11%