Meet Our Team


Loree Sutton, Commissioner

Loree Sutton, MD


Jeff Roth, Deputy Commissioner

Jeff Roth
Deputy Commissioner

Nicole Branca, Assistant Commissioner for Housing and Support Services

Nicole Branca
Assistant Commissioner for Housing and Support Services

Adam Connolly

Adam Connolly
Assistant Commissioner of Engagement and Community Services

Alexis Wichowski, , Associate Commissioner of Public Affairs

Alexis Wichowski
Associate Commissioner, Public Affairs

Cassandra Alvarez, Associate Commissioner of Public-Private Partnerships

Cassandra Alvarez
Associate Commissioner, Public-Private Partnerships

Ellen Greeley, Chief of Staff

Ellen Greeley
Chief of Staff

Gabriel Ramos, Press Secretary

Gabriel I. Ramos
Press Secretary

Melissa Walters, Executive Director of Community Health & Suicide Prevention

Melissa Walters, LMSW
Executive Director of Community Health & Suicide Prevention

Ronald Dixon, Director of Technology Operations, Chief Information Officer(Interim)

Ronald Dixon
Director of Technology Operations

Kwesi Douglas, Technology Operations Manager

Kwesi Douglas
Director of Digital Services

Ines Adan, Director of Human Services

Ines Adan
Director of Human Services

Latisha Russaw, Director of Events & Special Projects

Latisha Russaw
Director, Special Events & Projects

Maryhelen Rosales, Program Director, Veteran Peer Coordinators

Maryhelen Rosales
Program Director, Veteran Peer Coordinators

Jason Loughran, Senior Policy Analyst

Jason Loughran
Associate Director, Special Programs & Initiatives

Lamarr Wheeler, Senior Veteran Peer Coordinator

Lamarr Wheeler
Senior Veteran Peer Coordinator

Tommie Lloyd, Veteran Peer Coordinator

Tommie Lloyd
Veteran Peer Coordinator

Eileen Barcene, Engagement & Community Services Coordinator

Eileen Barcene
Engagement & Community Services Coordinator (BX)

Andre Cherigo, Human Resource Generalist

Andre Cherigo
Human Resources Generalist

Horng-Yu Chou, Veteran Peer Coordinator

Horng-Yu Chou
Veteran Peer Coordinator

Angela Guyton-Cyril, MPA, After Care Coordinator

Angela Guyton-Cyril, MPA
Aftercare Coordinator & Eviction Prevention Specialist

Martine Nivose, Outreach - Brooklyn

Martine Nivose
Engagement & Community Services Coordinator (BKN)

Johanna Perez, Senior Project Manager

Johanna Perez
Director, Audits & Accounts

Monique Rada, C1

Monique Rada
Engagement & Community Services Coordinator (BK)

Tanya Thomas, Community Services Coordinator

Tanya Thomas
Engagement & Community Services Coordinator (QNS)

Pedro Zapata, Senior Project Manager

Pedro Zapata
Director, Policy & Strategic Initiatives

Amauri Espinal, Community Outreach & Engagement Specialist

Amauri Espinal
Senior Engagement Coordinator

Emily Jagroop, Systems Specialist

Emily Jagroop
Systems & Data Manager

Karen Chan, Compliance Officer

Karen Chan
Compliance Officer

Jason Parker

Jason Parker
Assistant Commissioner, Operations & Administrative Services