Documents, Annual Reports, and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)

Local Law 44 Reports

Local Law 44 requires the Department of Veterans' Services to submit to the Speaker of the Council and post to its website an annual report regarding the department’s services and performance. This includes a list and description of the services provided by the department, functional titles, number of employees in said titles, and summary of responsibilities.

Agency Reports 

Memoranda of Understanding ("MOUs")

Local Law 40 of 2011 requires agencies to post certain memoranda of understanding and similar agreements ("MOUs") entered into among governmental agencies.


This Language Acess Implementation Plan for the Department of Veterans' Services has been prepared in accordance with Local Law 30 of 2017 and outlines DVS's current and planned actions to improve access to programs and services by limited-English proficient (LEP) individuals.

Terry Carrey-Yeboah, Budget Manager, is DVS's Language Access Coordinator. If you have questions or concerns related to translation or interpretation services that are provided by DVS, please email the Language Access Coordinator at