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Public Reporting

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NYC Veteran and Military Community Survey

In 2021, the New York City Department of Veterans' Services conducted a survey to help NYC policymakers identify potential service gaps and better understand the needs of the veteran community. Review some of the results from the NYC Veteran and Military Community Survey.

Agency Return to Office Plan

Executive Orders

Executive Order 65 (EO 65) increases military cultural competence in hiring within city government. Under EO 65, DVS shall coordinate with DCAS to arrange for Citywide military occupational skills and specialties competence trainings directed to City Agency Personnel Officers, hiring managers, and Agency Veterans Liaisons, to increase recruitment of servicemembers, veterans and their spouses or domestic partners, in City government.

FOIA Request

DVS FOIL Officer
Emily Jagroop

DVS FOIL Appeal Officer
Glenda V. Garcia

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Local Laws

  • Local Law 23 (Data on Services and Benefits for Veterans)
    Local Law 23 requires the Mayor's Office of Operations to collect and report specified data from a certain set of agencies that provide services to veterans, by category of benefit available to veterans and by veterans' borough of residence.
    Download the Veterans Services Report cover memo 2019

  • Local Law 27 (Disability Service Facilitators)
  • Local Law 27 designates disability service facilitators at city agencies. See below to view the DVS Service Facilitator:
    Disability Service Facilitator
    Name: Emily Jagroop
    Address: 1 Centre Street, Suite 2208 New York, NY  10007
    Phone number: (646) 889-4181

  • Local Law 30 (Language Access Implementation Plan)
    This Language Access Implementation Plan for the Department of Veterans' Services has been prepared in accordance with Local Law 30 of 2017 and outlines DVS's current and planned actions to improve access to programs and services by limited-English proficient (LEP) individuals.

    Cassandra Alvarez, Acting Chief of Staff for DVS, is DVS's Language Access Coordinator. If you have questions or concerns related to translation or interpretation services that are provided by DVS, please email the Language Access Coordinator at

    Read the DVS 2021 Language Implementation Plan.

  • Local Law 40 (MOUs)
    Local Law 40 of 2011 requires agencies to post certain Memoranda of Understanding ("MOUs") and similar agreements entered into among governmental agencies. See the MOU collapsible for more.

  • Local Law 44 (Annual Fiscal Reports)
    Local Law 44 requires the Department of Veterans' Services to submit to the Speaker of the Council and post to its website an annual report regarding the department's services and performance. This includes a list and description of the services provided by the department, functional titles, number of employees in said titles, and summary of responsibilities:

    LL 44 - Annual Report Fiscal 2021
    LL 44 - Annual Report Fiscal 2020
    LL 44 - Annual Report Fiscal 2019
  • Local Law 113 (Establishes the NYC Department of Veterans' Services)
    Local Law 113 establishes the NYC Department of Veterans’ Services and provides the Department with the responsibility to cooperate with federal, state, and local agencies and to inform and assist members of the armed forces and veterans, and their families in matters relating to: educational training and retraining services and facilities; health, medical, and rehabilitation services and facilities; provisions of federal, state, and local laws and regulations giving special rights and privileges to members of the armed forces, veterans, and their families; employment and reemployment services; and other appropriate matters. 
  • Local Law 119 (Includes veterans as a protected class under the NYC Human Rights Law)
    Local Law 119 law includes veterans and active duty service members as members of a protected class under the NYC Human Rights Law (HRL), making it illegal for employers, landlords, and providers of public accommodations to discriminate against veterans and active military service members. 
  • Local Law 120 (Requires DVS to offer assistance and services to veterans with an other-than-honorable discharge due to sexual orientation)
    Local Law 120 law requires DVS to offer assistance to veterans discharged other than honorably from the military solely on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity in upgrading their discharge papers or changing the narrative reason for their discharge. The law also extends all city benefits and services to LGBTQ veterans who have bad discharge papers solely because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The law also requires DVS to issue discharged LGBTQ veterans a certificate of eligibility that can be used as proof that a discharged LGBTQ veteran is eligible for certain city benefits or services available to veterans.
  • Local Law 214 (Requires DVS to provide counseling services to veterans)
    Local Law 214 requires the Department of Veterans’ Services to provide counseling services, including advice, evaluation, and information to veterans seeking assistance with federal, state, and city benefits that they may be entitled to based on their military service. Services are to be provided by trained staff and would be available, at a minimum, in at least one location in each of the five boroughs, including at each veterans resource center.
  • Local Law 216 (Requires DVS to maintain and update a Veteran Resource Guide)
    Local Law 216 requires the New York City Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) to maintain and regularly update a resource guide for veterans. This guide would be available on the DVS website and in written format, if requested. The guide would contain information about eligibility and the process of applying for federal, state, and city veterans’ benefits, special rights accorded to veterans under the law, health programs and services, legal and housing services, small business support, educational and employment opportunities, and other available resources for veterans. 

    Veteran Resource Guide (Updated 12/2021)
    Student Veteran Resource Guide (Updated 2/2022)

Mayor's Management Report

The Mayor's Management Report (MMR) provides an opportunity for NYC to develop outcome targets and to measure the effectiveness of government policies and procedures. The report serves as a detailed breakdown of government activities and services; a quantitative statement of objectives and aspirations; and an unvarnished measure of government performance. The MMR offers the public an opportunity to evaluate agency effectiveness and efficiency in meeting the central needs of New Yorkers in such areas as safety, education, housing, health and human services, public infrastructure, and open space.


Local Law 40 of 2011 requires agencies to post certain memoranda of understanding and similar agreements ("MOUs") entered into among governmental agencies.
DVS DCAS Functions

NYC Council Committee on Veterans

The Committee on Veterans has jurisdiction over matters relating to New York City's Department of Veterans' Services and other veteran-related issues.