Veteran Advisory Board

Veteran Advisory Board

The NYC Veterans Advisory Board (VAB) functions through the contributions of 11 veterans who have been appointed to three-year terms by either the Mayor (6) or the Speaker of the New York City Council (5). The members represent the five Boroughs of New York City.

The VAB's main activities include:

  • Advise the Commissioner of Veterans' Services on all matters concerning Veterans
  • Meet at least quarterly
  • Keep records of all deliberations
  • Determine its own rules of procedure
  • Submit annual reports for the Mayor and the Speaker of the New York City Council

One of the VAB's signature initiatives was its successful advocacy resulting in the "2008 Veteran Liaison Requirement." This initiative requires all New York City agencies to identify a senior member responsible for coordination with DVS. Having these coordinators helps facilitate accurate information-sharing and timely problem-solving on behalf of New York City Veterans and employees. 

Through regular meetings, this diverse group of New York City veterans ensures the lines of communication are maintained and cultivates an active community.

Additional information about the NYC Veterans Advisory Board: