Mental Health Services

Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid trainings provide proven practices that will help you recognize the early signs and symptoms of mental illness and substance misuse. You will learn how to listen without judgment and respond to and help someone in distress until they can get the professional care they may need. The free eight-hour training is available for all New Yorkers as part of the City's ThriveNYC initiative.

Training Courses

After completing the training, you receive a three-year certification in Mental Health First Aid. Each course lasts eight hours. Trainings are scheduled regularly in all five boroughs, even on weekends.

DVS has helped to create a veteran/military service member-specific version of Mental Health First Aid training, designed to address the unique mental health challenges veterans and service members may experience. To register for a veteran/military service member Mental Health First Aid training course, contact one of our Veteran Peer Coordinators or call 212-416-5250.

Register for a Mental Health First Aid Training