SITREP NYC Veterans Podcast

SITREP NYC is the New York City Department of Veterans' Services' podcast, aimed at informing and inspiring by telling the stories of underrepresented New York City veterans.

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Season 2 Episodes

The first episode of SITREP Season 2 profiles the stories of transitioning veterans. From losing a community to regaining a sense of purpose, we explore the challenges and successes veterans experience when they come home from serving their country. This episode features interviews with James Fitzgerald, Director of the NYC Veterans Alliance, as well as Amauri Espinal and Monique Rada of the NYC Department of Veterans' Services.

Black History Month 2020 Series:

A WWII soldier lies about his race in order to serve his country, a black woman veteran reflects on the promotion that was taken from her, a biracial cadet reconciles with alienation and privilege. In this episode of SITREP, black veterans of different eras discuss family, service, and maintaining dignity in the face of discrimination. This episode features stories from Terry Holliday of the NYC Department of Veterans' Services, James Fitzgerald of the NYC Veterans Alliance, Maj. Boyd Melson, Amber Patton, and Janna Williams.

Why do so many black service members struggle to identify as veterans after coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan? In this episode of SITREP, black post-9/11 veterans discuss why they don't feel comfortable promoting their military service, the alienation they feel walking into established VSOs, and their relationship to prior generations of black veterans. This episode features stories from Monique Johnson of the NYC Department of Veterans' Services, James Fitzgerald of the NYC Veterans Alliance, Amber Patton, and Janna Williams.

After a near-fatal attack in Afghanistan, a black veteran considers whether to come out to his family and fellow soldiers. This episode features James Fitzgerald, Director of the New York City Veterans Alliance. The story told in this episode was recorded at a live storytelling event hosted by the New York City Department of Veterans' Services, SAGE, and the Generations Project in June of 2019. The event featured personal stories told by LGBT veterans from different service eras, including WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, and the War in Afghanistan.

In the final installment of our Black History Month podcast series, black women veterans discuss the consequences of confronting stereotypes and speaking out against harassment in the military. This episode features stories from Monique Johnson of the NYC Department of Veterans' Services, Amber Patton, and Janna Williams.

Season 1 Episodes

Ep 13: Joe Bello

Ep 12: Vu Nguyen

Ep 11: Coco Culhane