New York City Department of Veterans' Services Wins "Best of New York City" Award in Data Analytics

Chief Information Officer Venkat Motupalli’s data analytics projects earned DVS selection as one of only 8 City agencies out of 135 to win “Best in New York City” Award

November 2, 2017

NEW YORK—The New York City Technology Forum and Government Technology magazine selected the New York City Department of Veterans’ Services as one of 8 City agencies to win the “Best of New York City” award, thanks to the efforts of Chief Information Officer Venkat Motupalli.

CIO Motupalli combined US Census, US Department of Veterans Affairs, and US Department of Defense datasets to create the first comprehensive accounting of the veterans’ population in New York City. As a result, DVS was able to identify Brooklyn as a critical outreach location for NYC veterans, and a major destination for returning service members. Analysis of the combined datasets further identified the biggest sources of returning service-members as being geographically-remote military bases like Ft. Hood, Texas. The Department then used this analysis to establish partnerships with Ft. Hood, federal Department of Veterans Affairs, and Army and Department of Defense agencies to identify service-members transitioning to NYC, create learning relationships, and provide proactive services.

Brigadier General (ret.) Loree Sutton, MD, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Veterans’ Services remarked, “This is a truly remarkable achievement, and a well-deserved recognition of our CIO Venkat Motupalli’s tremendous talents and dedication to New York City’s veterans. Thanks to Venkat’s diligent work and insightful analytics, DVS gained invaluable knowledge about the veterans and family members transitioning to New York City, enabling the agency to identify programs and services that anticipate their needs. I am thrilled and honored to call CIO Motupalli an integral member of Team DVS, and offer my most sincere and heartfelt congratulations.”

Only 7 other City agencies out of 135 agencies and offices won the “Best in New York City” award: NYC Housing Authority, NYC Administration of Children’s Services, NYC Department of Information Technology & Communications, NYC Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity, NYC Department of Education, Department of Finance, & NYC Department of Information Technology & Communications.

DVS congratulates these agencies on their awards, and is proud to join them at the forefront of leveraging technology to better serve our constituents.