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The Veteran Entrepreneur's Edge

Launching a business is a challenging endeavor, an endeavor that can be as difficult as it is rewarding. Fortunately, veterans leave military service with a set of deep rooted values that shape their character, and behaviors, values that serve as an edge when starting your own business.

The Veteran Entrepreneur's Edge


Many may correlate the idea of discipline, in the context of military service, to mean blindly accepting orders barked at by a high-tempered, and inaudible Drill Sergeant. But for those who have graduated basic training, and have donned one of the uniforms of the five armed forces branches understand discipline to mean more than an opening scene from Full Metal Jacket. Discipline is the ability to set goals, accomplished said goals in a timely manner, without cutting corners, and doing so while maintaining high standards and an unwavering commitment to quality assurance. Veterans never quit, and they never surrender.

Problem Solving

All veterans, regardless of rank, occupation, or branch of service have been placed in circumstances that involve them solving a problem outside their scope of practice and/or knowledge. And all veterans understand this to be of no consequence; when a problem is presented/delegated to service member, he/she will find a solution, period. It is this no-excuse attitude that forms veterans into highly sought-after members of the general workforce, and it is this same value that make veterans excellent entrepreneurs, because when the going gets tough, veterans get tougher.


Leadership is an inherent quality of anyone who willingly swears an oath to place their life at risk for the sake of their nation, this fact is indisputable. Leadership is more than the ability to manage a team - a skilled gained through military service nonetheless – it is the ability to stand alone, and perform service for the betterment of others, and not of self. Businesses don’t run themselves, it takes a bonafide leader with vision, and experience, to guide a business to great quarterly results and to lead a staff toward a unified goals.

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