Our Approach to Housing

Our Approach to Housing

DVS's Housing and Support Services team developed three innovative systems to help veterans successfully locate, allocate resources for, and remain in their homes.

Veteran Peer Coordinators (VPCs)

Bringing in veterans and military spouses to:
  • act as one-on-one advocates for each homeless vet
  • help them navigate numerous governmental and not-for-profit support programs


Ensuring all recently housed vets receive:
  • personal follow-up care and get the support they mitigate recidivism
  • resolve issues that may develop

Landlord Liaisons

Centralized command center to serve as liaison between:
  • landlords interested in housing veterans
  • city agencies
  • the veterans themselves
With these systems in place, NYC is rapidly approaching "Functional Zero" for its veterans -- an end to homelessness for veterans currently in shelters.