Our Approach to Health

Core4 Whole Health Model™

The Core4 Whole Health Model™ is a community and peer-based approach to veteran wellbeing. Relying on city-wide outreach and family engagement, the Core4 approach focuses on increasing connections for veterans and their families beyond clinical settings.

The Core4 Whole Health Model™ incorporates:

  • Culture: Education and Engagement through Cultural Initiatives (C1)
  • Connection: Peer Intervention and Social Support (C2)
  • Community: Holistic Services (C3)
  • Clinical: Treatment & Medical Care (C4)

The Core 4 Whole Health Model is represented by a four-tiered pyramid. Its widest point at the bottom is labeled Core 1- Culture: Education, engagement and the arts. Next up is Core 2- Connection through Peer Social Support. Third from the bottom is Core 3- Community engagement through Holistic services. The top of the pyramid is Core 4- Clinical treatment. The model is built on a strength-based foundation of Growth, Resilience, Integrity, and Trust, or 'GRIT'. The services associated with each core increase in cost and stigma as you work your way up the pyramid.