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Funeral Honors and Burials

What We Do

NYC Department of Veterans' Services ensures all deceased NYC veterans receive funerals and burials with dignity and in a timely manner. DVS ensures all deceased NYC veterans - even if unclaimed or abandoned - are given military funerals with honors and buried at a National Cemetery once they are verified as eligible for military honors. A DVS official is present the day of each unclaimed or abandoned veterans' National Cemetery funeral to bear witness to his or her sacrifice for our country.

Any unclaimed or abandoned veteran decedent whose eligibility for VA-provided funeral honors and benefits is non-verifiable or who are ineligible are buried at NYC's Hart Island.

Who We Work With

DVS works with several agencies and third parties throughout the funeral and burial process:


Third Parties

  • Recognized reporting partners (RRP)
  • Organizational Friends (OF)
  • Funeral homes


Become a partner! 

If you're a funeral home or veterans service organization who wants to honor veterans without means with dignified final honors, DVS welcomes you! Please email us for more information on how to participate.