The Housing & Support Services (HSS) unit drives efforts to expand and improve housing and social service resources available to NYC veterans and their families and aids constituents in navigating existing resources. Our top priority is working with homeless veterans, developing and sustaining a system that rapidly rehouses all those that become homeless, and working with our public and private partners to prevent homelessness in the first place.

Ending Veteran Homelessness

Through unprecedented coordination between city, state and federal agencies, landlords, developers, and nonprofit partners, New York City has reduced veteran homelessness by nearly 90% since 2011. In December 2015, NYC became the largest city in the country to be certified by the federal government for ending chronic veteran homelessness - i.e. homelessness for our most vulnerable veterans and is rapidly approaching "Functional Zero" — a system where all new homeless veterans are rapidly rehoused within 90 days of entering the homeless system.

Improving Access to Affordable Housing

Additionally, DVS advocates for greater access to, and awareness of, affordable housing resources for all veterans. For more information see information on the GI Bill and Affordable Housing Resources.