Vision Zero requires an extensive advertising effort and a strong social media and internet presence. The Department of Transportation led the creation of several Vision Zero campaigns, each including visual out-of-home content, as well as radio, video, print, online, and special events presence. As the City continues its efforts to communicate with the public through mass media, the public is invited to interact with campaign content through the links provided here:

Visit YouTube to watch the Signs Campaign


Informed by comprehensive market research, "Signs" is New York City's newest Vision Zero public awareness campaign. "Signs" acknowledges the complexities of driving in a busy urban environment, while recognizing that simple behaviors can ultimately save lives.

Visit YouTube to watch the Your Choices Matter Video

"Your Choices Matter" 

Through attention-grabbing graphic design, "Your Choices Matter" depicts the aftermath of collisions, brings to light the seriousness of traffic crashes, and identifies the key behaviors that contribute to pedestrian fatalities.

Visit YouTube to watch the Work Zone Heroes video

"Work Zone Heroes" 

"Work Zone Heroes" raises awareness about safety in works zones, in attempt to reduce injuries and fatalities among our crews as well as motorists.

Visit YouTube to watch the Choices campaign video


Choices campaign presents New Yorkers with two options: a safe trip home or the real consequences of drinking and driving.

Visit YouTube to watch the Reckless Driving Kills video.

"Reckless Driving Kills" 

Reckless Driving Kills campaign highlights the devastation that drivers who speed, fail to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk or drive distracted, wreak on families.