More vigorous enforcement by the Police Department (NYPD) and the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) against dangerous driving behavior may help reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

In addition to greater enforcement, efforts are being made to upgrade speed detection equipment and technology, increase the number of personnel on the Highway Unit, and expand the breadth of information and data captured to better preserve crash details and inform future policy decisions.

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The table below, NYC Fatalities by Mode 2000-2017, is available on page 14 of an accessible pdf version of the Vision Zero Year Four Report

New York City is a walking city. Walking has no cost and is often one stage in a longer trip that could include other modes of transportation. The Borough Pedestrian Safety Action Plans focus on fatal and severe injuries involving pedestrians because protecting the most vulnerable road users by prioritizing pedestrian safety has benefits for all modes. This year, New York City pedestrian fatalities have dropped significantly, declining 32 percent from the 2016 total.